Apr 18, 2010

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We (Jodi Bucknam and Victor Nazarian) got married at Walt Disney World on Sunday 18 April 2010 at the Gazebo in the Rose Garden at Disney's Yacht Club resort and had our reception at the Atlantic Dance Hall.

I asked Jodi to marry me on the Royal (pipe organ) stage at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on the last day of the Fall 2008 season. I was just back from an airborne Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol, still in my uniform flight suit. We'd been dating since the previous February and had known each other from swing dancing for about a year before that. She said yes, my friend Gary played Ode to Joy on the pipe organ and I was walking on clouds. (Victor wrote that)

It was all so wonderful and near-perfect that I still feel overwhelmed 18 months later. I got to marry a fantastic lady that I'm thankful for every day. I got to hang out with some of my best friends and most beloved family. I got to vacation in Disneyworld. I got to do it all together! It's all more happiness than can be had with mere money. It's magic and I'd love to marry Jodi all over again. Oh, and this time I'd love to take her on a cruise. ;-)