Jun 05, 2010

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new page photo 1     my card box

new page photo 2 flower girl basket

new page photo 3  ring bearer pillow

new page photo 4 wedding day jewelry and shoes

new page photo 5  Me and my new husband

new page photo 6 a quick snapshot while photographer page photo 7  Me  and hubby just a few minutes after "I Do".new page photo 8 singing together during our first dance.


My wedding day was all i hoped it would be. I'm now waiting for the professional pictures to come back. Oh one more thing, ignore the dates stamped on the pix. I was married on 6-5-2010.

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My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 1 My wedding invite ensemble

My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 2 The invite was printed on shimmer paper.

My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 3 I made the invite into a pocket fold to hold the rsvp card

My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 4 I made the monogram for my inside envelope closure.My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 5 My bridal Bouquet!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I used hydrangea and baby roses

My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 6 My matrons, bridesmaids, and junior bridesmaids.

My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 7 five of my 15 centerpieces. I'm going to add votives & tea candles.

My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 8 five centerpieces with the missing candles. and the tall one is what I will be usinf for my unity candle.

My Invitations and floral arrangements photo 9 the main centerpiece for my table.


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new colors photo 1   my colors are lilac and plum now.

 new colors photo 2

new colors photo 3  this looks soo cool I think I will try it for my reception only on purple, not orange


new colors photo 4  I've always loved carnations. now I get to use them for my wedding.



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save the dates photo 1    I used four different scrapbooking papers in my main wedding colors: black and white.

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I knew something was up after his birthday last January. He got real secretive. So a few days later while putting our,then 1 1/2 year old son to sleep, he comes into the room and says," This is nice,the house is quiet and your putting the baby to sleep, don't you want more days like this?" Then he walks out the room and comes back and hands me the ring in the box. I had the biggest smile. Mind you he did not say anything. I put the baby down, he put the ring on and We kissed. Thats it, no words, no asking, just the ring.

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I'm Tameka and my fiance' is Gregg. We have been together for over ten years and have 4 children.We are getting married on June 5th 2010.  I'm a total DIYer. I have designed everything on a shoestring budget.  When I have my projects done I will put up the pictures.