Jan 01, 2011

Patti Cakes
( 1.8 / 5.0 )
Patti when we first met her was very nice. She took notes and gave us a copy of them.
Her sample cup cakes were very tasty and moist! We gave her the down payment and decided the flavors later which was ok with her which made it less pressure on us. She wants you to give the final payment 2 weeks in advance which was fine, but I missed it by two days and she was on the phone calling calling calling me! We gave her the payment and explained that I honestly just lost track of time and date with it being crunch time,(also it was the weekend so I could not do the money transfer she wanted until monday) but she charged me more ... only 2 days. She delivered the cake to the wedding venue. She did not even wait to show it to me or anyone in my wedding party which is ok... but she was supposed to do piping and she did not and in the back, the decoration on the cake were completely smudged/smeared down the tier! I never noticed until we went to cut the cake! I hope none of my guests saw it!!!! The cake was ok, but not what her cupcakes tasted like. She told me the cake would be moister because of the fondant locking in the moisture... not true, unless she made my cake 1 week before! She also did not leave the boxes or what she shipped it in so thankfully I had a great venue who packed it all up for me in their own boxes!

Overall she was ok, but I think her professionalism is lacking because of her immature age??? At our first meeting, I said she was the only cake vendor I found that was not in vancouver and I liked. I mentioned one other cake vendor and she start bad mouthing them!!! I could not believe it! She said she could not stand looking at the pictures etc... WOW... I guess i should have known then she would not stick around to see if the cake was ok... or to my liking.
Services used: Wedding Cake