Oct 19, 2013

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Fall of October, 1991 my love moved from Lexington Park, MD to Brigadoon Trial, Baltimore County, MD. My love was quiet but friendly and became a very close friend of the Williams family through his friendship with my brother, one of his best friends to this day, Ron Junior. My love became like family to my parents, always coming around, playing basketball with Ron Junior and Senior, as well as the rest of the crew Kirk, John, Mike, Ryan, and Kevin. The Williams’ home became the Kool-Aid house of the neighborhood, where all would come to find refuge and hangout. At a young age I took an interest in sports playing softball, volleyball, as well as basketball to name a few. You’ll hear stories told by my brother Ron, to this day of how she was the only girl on the court at times, tagging along to watch, sitting on the side eating sunflower seeds , and eventually ended up playing ball with the fellas. Well as my love and I got older we noticed how much we had in common and during my junior year in high school, their friendship blossomed into something more  and they began dating. But as divine providence had it, we went our separate ways, only to reunite 13 years later. Today marks twenty two years of laughs, smiles, breakups, tears, heartache, and maturation….this is *pretty much* our story 20 years in the making!!