Jun 18, 2011

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STAY AWAY PLEASE. My wedding was almost 6 months ago and I just received my FINAL video from AV7 weddings YESTERDAY, middle of november. I cried while watching my video- not from joy. Despite my many conversations with the owner DAN- my wedding video is an absolute disaster. Below you will find some of the many run ins we have had with this company- I am so exhausted with them and I would never wish this company upon any future bride.

- YOU WILL NEVER GET AHOLD OF ANYBODY FROM THIS COMPANY. Months went by and nobody would return my phone calls or emails. The owner was always "out of town"-- I'm sorry...aren't you running a business?

- WHen they called to confirm our event they said they needed final payment for the event-- but they had already CASHED the final payment check?

- The owner Dan YELLED at both myself and my father- saying that the hold up for the video was our fault? This man is so arrogant and unprofessional it is useless trying to get anywhere with him. We called to try to find out where the video was since it had been 3 months since we had heard anything from them. He told me they were waiting for a PICTURE to put on the cd? First of all they never told us they needed a picture...and it wasn't the final cd-- so whats the hold up here. He told me he left it on a voicemail that he left me- I went back and listened to that voicemail...NOTHING was mentioned-- just that "he's sorry that I teach during the day and can't talk during normal business hours".

- My video is SO black and fuzzy you cannot even tell who is in the video. Come to find out...the individuals I cannot make out are my grandparents, husband parents and bridal party. It's shameful that this is what they gave me.

- 15 minutes of my video of the reception is a STILL SHOT of one individual couple dancing. I'm taking this is the footage caught while the videographer was eating...But don't worry...the footage is so DARK and BLURRY I can't really tell who they are.

- They don't even have my mom walking down the aisle in the church?? OR my husband and I exiting the church after we were pronounced husband and wife. What I have for that the back of one of my guests heads and the ACTUAL VOICE of the videographer saying something.

- After 4 edits and constant requests from this company to put my bouquet toss in the video- IT IS STILL ABSENT. They won't even answer me when I ask them if they even have the footage.

- The footage is SHAKY and again, dark...bad editing..TERRIBLE. You can't see so many main events- like gee...the garter toss...and like I said-- my bouquet toss is just plain missing and they won't respond to whether or not they have the footage.

Please stay away from AV7 weddings. This is a terrible, shady company who refuses to answer phone calls and emails. I only have experience with their videography. After months of having issues with this company not ONE apology was ever given to myself, husband or family who has been trying to get a video from them. DAN always claims to be "out of town" and doesn't know whats going on-- and when you do get ahold of him, watch out because he will yell at you and talk over you like an arrogant human being.

ALSO- they tell you that they now have the option to receive your video copies in Blue Ray for an extra $100. So we chose to do this (before we had so many problems with them). We get our videos YESTERDAY and 1 of the 5 is Blue Ray..and even that is questionable. So I paid you $100 for 1 Blue Ray DVD? Yea right...

Stay away at all costs. I wouldn't wish the anxiety, frustration or unprofessionalism from this company on my worst enemy. It is ridiculous-- and to be honest I will probably NEVER watch this video again. What a shame...

Thank GOD I had a great wedding photographer.
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