Nov 22, 2008

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Even though both FI and I have been inflicted with 2 left feet (Asian left feet I might add), we were inspired by other PW gals who performed amazing dance routines...   By far our favorite was Charmeng's awesome routine to Chris Brown's "Forever"!!! They had the guests screaming for more!!!  As our big day approached, we totally ran out of time... arg... so we had to resort to the 8th grade sway for our 1st dance...


Grooms Party Processional: Christ Botti  "A Thousand Kisses Deep" (Instrumental)
Bridal Party Processional: Acoustic guitarist "Lagrima"
Bride's Processional: Steven Curtis Chapman "I Will Be Here"
Background Music during Wine Ceremony: Acoustic guitarist  "Lagrima"
Recessional : Jason Mraz  "I'm Yours"

Cocktail Reception

Jazz Medley at DJ's discretion (we mentioned artists such as: Tony Bennet, Ella Fitzgerald Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Harry Conick, Jr.)


Bride & Groom Intro: U2  "Beautiful Day"

Bride & Groom's First Dance: Babyface  "Everytime I Close My Eyes"

Father-Daughter & Mother-Son Dance: Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli "The Prayer"  Father-Bride danced for the first verse, and Mother-Groom joined at the 2nd verse.

Dinner Service: Jazz Medley

Dancing: 80's Favorite at DJ's discretion (Journey, Police, Madonna, Lionel Richie, Depeche Mode, ACDC, Duran Duran, etc.)

End of the Night:

3rd to the Last Song:  Michael Buble  "Save the Last Dane for Me"
2nd to the Last Song: Radio Station KNBR "Bye Bye Baby" SF Giants Homerun song - Thank you, JackieG
Final Last Song: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole  "Somewhere over the Rainbow HQ"


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For US

His Band - Titanium Band with a simple groove with brushed center

Her Band - Princess Cut Diamond (in channel setting) 3/4 Anniversary Band

Our Bling Bling photo 1     Our Bling Bling photo 2

For the Bride - Winery Wedding Day 1

After I saw these gorgeous Kris Nation Green Amethyst Briolettes earrings on fellow PW brdie, SquillacelikeVersace, I absolutely fell in love with them until...

Our Bling Bling photo 3  Fellow PW Bride SquillacelikeVersace


... I saw Beatie & Jackieg's postings on these Nadri Faceted Crystal Drop Earrings (from Nordstrom) and wondered how their earrings would compliment my gown. 

Then D1rty introduced me to etsy designer RockPaperSilver as she posted her Ivory Briolettes... oooo so pretty.  Now I was in trouble...

Our Bling Bling photo 4            Our Bling Bling photo 5

However, I finally decided on Nadri pave drop earrings and link bracelet similar to the pics below but much simpler option (I could not find pics)

Our Bling Bling photo 6Our Bling Bling photo 7

Our Bling Bling photo 8

For the Bride - Chinese Banquet Reception Day 2

Because my Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress (called Qipao or Cheongsam) was made from beautiful, ornate, red silk, I wanted to wear accessory to complete the look. Sine I did not get a chance to wear my Ivory Briolette, I decided that the Ivory stone will beautifully accent the gold trim on my dress.  However, I quickly did am accessory switch-a-roo and wore the beautiful set of pearl stud earrings my aunt and uncle gave me for my wedding. It was all worth it to see the joy on their faces!

All right... you will have to forgive me for slightly cheesy decor in the background with heart shaped balloon wreath and the huge gold lettering embodying our names.  The left picture looks like I'm giving the photographer a scary stare (sorry), but it was the only photo that showed off the ivory Briolette earring :) and then a quick switch-a-roo to show off the gorgeous pearl stud earring my aunt gave me.

Our Bling Bling photo 9 Our Bling Bling photo 10



For the Groom

I just found these on ebay seller: allstarsice... cufflinks including shipping $32, but DH decided to wear his cork screw cufflink to coincide with our winery wedding theme :)

Our Bling Bling photo 11   Cork Screw Cufflinks

Ahhhhh sorry DH... no more bling bling for your ensemble :(


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Because we couldn't squeeze our budget to include the $1500+ price tag for the photo booth, we came up with a homemade version.

Concept: I wanted to jazz up the Polaroid Sign In Book idea by combining it with Photo Bar concept (similar to our High School Prom Picture Station).


  • Digital Camera with 2 large memory capacity stick and USB Cable (or use 2 digital cameras) - We used Sony Cybershot with 2 memory sticks.
  • Laptop to download pictures to keep the photos organized and Digital Camera free from memory overload. - We used iPhoto in MacBook, but you can use any photo processing program that comes with your laptop. 
  • Photo Printer including the program disc & necessary USB/printer cables - We used 2 printers: Epson PictureMate & HP Photosmart C6380 just to maximize printing time - don't go out and buy one, just ask your family & friends.  Make sure you dowload the program & test it prior to the day of the wedding.
  • Plain Backdrop - We used PVC Piping for the frame and Red Curtains from my fav store Target!
  • Lighting in case the venue will dim the lights for the reception - We luckily had a separate dimmer switch to keep the area illuminated enough for photos.
  • Photo Printing Supplies (ink cartridge & photo paper)
  • Scrapbooking Supplies (Album, Acid Free Paper, Acid Free Glue, Colorful Pens, and any Scrapbook Embellishment)
  • Props - fun hats & accessories to make the picture more fun - We had a pirate hat, patch, and sword, Mickey Ears, Red Clown Nose, Gladiator Hat, Viking Helmet with Horns, Straw Hats, Silly Glasses/Nose/Moustache, Plastic Ball & Chain, Boas, and Physician's cap and stethoscope. 

Photo Booth Attendants

  • Designated Photographer - We had my Brother's Friend/Family Friend
  • Designated Photo Processors - We had my brother who could manage multiple computer equipment.
  • Depending on the total number of guests, you might want designate another person to be in charge of helping guests in/out of props, and possibly another person to assista guest in completing their yearbook pag.  - We had as my brother's GF and her GF/Family Friend who kept the process organized and assisted the guests whenever necessary. 


  • Find a location far enough from the main stage to prevent any competition between 2 activities yet large enough for all the equipment (a backdrop, small table for the props, and at least 6' rectangle table). - We stationed our Photo Booth adjacent to the entry way, using 40" round for the props, and 30"x8' for the Processing Station.
  •    Homemade Photo Booth photo 1
  • At the end of the night, the Processing Station looks a little cluttered, but it was a fav hang out for the guests when they needed a break from the dance floor.
  • If the designated area has a plain background, you may not need to have a backdrop.
  • The designated person will encourage the guest to select props for their fun photos.
  • The designated photographer will take at least 2 poses or as many pics as the guests desire.  Of course, if there is a line, manage accordingly.
  • After the photos are taken, encourage the guest to either decorate the yearbook page leaving a space blank for the photo(s) or return back in about 5-10 minutes to design their very own yearbook page with the finish photo.  My brilliant brother and his gorgeous GF made a silly yearbook page which they used as a sample for all the guests. 
  • We provided 2 prints/pose: 1 copy for the yearbook page and the second as a gift for the guests to take home as a memento.

Overall, the photo booth was a huge hit!!  All the youngin' enjoyed it...   It was truly a priceless moment for me when our well mannered elders joined in all the fun (MIL is 2nd to the right wearing the viking helmet with the horns).

Thank Goodness, my SIL is as silly as I am; otherwise, she would kill me for posting this pic ;)
Things I would change:

  • To place the printer in a more discreet place to make the processing look more streamline.
  • Make the Backdrop wider (maybe 3 panels of red curtain instead of 2).
  • Instead of White Yearbook Pages, I would have used Black Archival Pages with Silver Pen.
  • Include more props: Crowns, Ornate Masquerade Mask, Chef's Hat with large wooden spoon and/or whisk, Stuffed Animal for kids, Apron, boxing gloves, Mistletoe ball, Santa Hats/Reindeer Antlers, Veil & Tuxedo Tie, and extra ball and chain (mine broke after couple of hours).
  • More Scrapbook embellishment to give guests more creative options.
  • Make sure the team takes a break to eat and play.  Some took the job so seriously that they did not get a chance to eat :(

Cost Brekdown:

  • Digital Camera - Free Bride's Camera
  • Laptop - Free  Brother's GF's new MacBook
  • Photo Printer - Free Bride brought the PictureMate while her brother brought his HP printer.
  • Plain Backdrop - PVC at Home Depot $20  2 panel Red Silk Curtain from Target - on Sale $30
  • Lighting - Free DH had a pseudo "photographer's light"
  • Photo Printing Supplies- $40 for 2 cartridge & 200 4x6 photo paper for PictureMate Printer (from ebay - yeah!) & $30 for HP printer cartridge
  • Scrapbooking Supplies (Album, Acid Free Paper, Acid Free Glue, Colorful Pens, and any Scrapbook Embellishment) - Everything purchased with 40-50% off coupons from Michael's & AC Moore $25
  • Props - purchased at Party City $50
  • Total Expense = $195  Total Savings: $1,305 (Gotta Love it!)

Here were some website I got my inspiration:

  • http://www.ehow.com/how_2158898_polaroid-camera-wedding-guest-book.html
  • http://www.weddingbee.com/2008/07/01/faux-photo-booth/
  • http://www.sanfranciscophotobooth.com/?gclid=CIrKgp7pqZcCFQtZHgod6ARGjg
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8SLsM6Q7yk
  • http://staciehibino.1000words.kodak.com/default.asp?item=523142

For more those who have photographic or carpentry skills, here are more interesting sites:

  • http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Photobooth/
  • http://www.ehow.com/how_2106959_make-photo-booth.html
  • http://est1976.blogsome.com/2007/09/10/how-to-make-a-photo-booth-for-your-wedding/
  • http://www.timhunkin.com/a104_photobooth.htm



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NIB - Nina Electra - Deep Plum Luster Size 7.5M purchased at $89++ selling for $60+shipping

For Sale photo 1 For Sale photo 2 For Sale photo 3

NIB - Nina Electra - Gold Royal Satin Size 8M purchased $89++  selling for $60+shipping

For Sale photo 4 For Sale photo 5 For Sale photo 6

FS New With Tags J. Crew 100% Cotton Jackie Cardigan 3/4 sleeve Item# BL8600 Size Small & Size Medium.  I bought it late September when they had their 30% off sale.  I could just return it, but I wanted to offer it to the PW ladies first... I am selling for what I paid... $30 plus shipping. SOLD

For Sale photo 7

Inspired by MarinBride, I bought this Baby Blue Cardigan to keep me warm from the fall evening.  A month later, I found a cardigan in my theme color green.  GL

For Sale photo 8 For Sale photo 9

  • NIB (new in boxes) Nina Fleur Chocolate Size 7.5M  $25 plus shipping SOLD
  • NIB Nina Grekel Gold 7.5M $55 plus shipping SOLD

I can still return them, but I wanted to offer to the PW ladies first! SOLD

For Sale photo 10 For Sale photo 11

  • Brown Old Navy Flip Flops/Slippers: Total 10 pairs: 4-size 11, 5-size 8, 1-size 6 SOLD
  • Rectangular Dark Brown Woven Baskets: Total 3 Baskets: 13x18x5, 12x17x4, 10x15x3 SOLD

For Sale photo 12

  • Unfinished Wooden Treasure Chests - Total 2: 10x5x8 (at the highest point) GIVEN TO ANOTHER BRIDE
  • I used them for my bathroom amenities

For Sale photo 13

  • Photobooth Props: 1-Plastic Viking Helmet 2-Straw Hats (small) 1- Plastic Sword (kid's size) SOLD

For Sale photo 14 For Sale photo 15

For Sale photo 16

  • Cocktail Napkins (3ply) 50 count - 1 pkg of Green, 1 pkg of Brown - GIVEN TO ANOTHER BRIDE
  • Ribbons: Assorted Green & Brown Ribbons - GIVEN TO ANOTHER BRIDE

For Sale photo 17 For Sale photo 18


  • Brides Magazine Favor Box Kit (50) - Green 1 assembled 49 unassembled - DONATED
  • Flameless Tealight Candles 2 pack (batteries included 60 hours battery life) - Total 5 pkgs - SOLD

For Sale photo 19   For Sale photo 20

  • Crayons 24 Count - Total 15 boxes
  • 11" Crystal Vase (little heavy)

For Sale photo 21

  • 2" Clear Round Votive Holders - Total 192 175



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... to the point of no return".  We got our marriage license on October 16th in Sonoma, CA... wahooo!

Because it's a PW tradition, I had to ask FI to pose for the pic...  I'm not so sure if we look excited or a bit surreal :)

One step closer to photo 1

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Venue: Trentadue Winery http://www.trentadue.com

Catering: Park Avenue Catering (Contact: Leslie Fravel) http://www.parkavecater.com

Cake Designer: http://www.michellemaries.com/

Floral: Wine Country Flowers http://www.winecountryflowers.com/home.html

Photographer: Deborah Laver http://www.laverphoto.com/

Disk Jockey: Mark Phinney (510) 301-1135

Hair for Saturday Wedding: Amanda at La Coupe Sauvage http://www.lacoupesauvage.com
Hair for Sunday Chinese Banquet: Heather at It's A Date at the Powder Room http://www.itsadate.biz/index.html

Make Up Artist: Trisha O'Connor (707) 545-8252 or (707) 490-9923

Officiant: Anthony Martin http://martinweddings.googlepages.com/

Invitations: Paper Divas http://www.weddingpaperdivas.com/products/ProductView_845.htm
                  Cards & Pocket http://cardsandpocketsstore.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=83
                  Misc Martha Stewart Scrapbooking supplies from Michales