Nov 11, 2011

Infinity Catering & Event Services
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
We went to Patty to rent some cylindrical glass vases and at first she was really nice and helpful. We came to an agreement that I would turn over all of my cube vases to her in exchange for the cylindrical vases we came in for and she offered LED light bases for our centerpieces. All of this was to be at no cost to her or me, and we only had a verbal agreement because no matter how many times I asked her for a written contract, she would not provide one.

The day before our wedding I sent a friend over to her office to pick up our order, as we had arranged, and she called me after my friend had already arrived at our venue in Boerne to tell me that she sent the wrong order. She then told me that I would have to have my friend drive all the way back to 410 & Broadway to pick up the correct order. When I politely informed her that we didn't have time to drive back because we were about to conduct the rehearsal, she proceeded to treat me in a manner in which I have never been treated by a working professional. She started screaming at me over the phone and telling me how I should be grateful to her for the service that she was providing. This went on for several minutes and even got bad enough to where I put her on speaker phone so everyone in my bridal party could hear how she was treating me. I calmly told her, "Patty, this is the day before my wedding. I am not yelling and screaming at you and I would like to address me in the same respect." She backed down a little after that, but was still obviously upset. The entire time I was asking her if there was a better way to resolve the situation, as in, could they meet us half-way or something to cut down on the travel time of the corrected delivery--she finally agreed to meet us. I also re-confirmed our order on the phone and she verbally repeated this order back to me.

When the next order arrived it was again wrong. The only thing I went in to rent was six cylindrical glass vases, and she gave me these huge cube vases. While this was not the worst thing she did all day, I was already annoyed with the incorrect order and was disappointed it was still wrong. She also did not bother to tell me that the LED light bases she provided were not all exactly the same, and some had different functions than others and they looked different--some were close to the table and others were elevated. When we called her again to tell her about the incorrect order, needless to say she was less than accommodating, but she told my husband that she would come out to our venue and deliver the correct vases, and also told him there was nothing she could do about the light bases. At this point I could not devote any more time to decor and had to trust that she would keep to her word and that my decor people could make everything work.

She never delivered the correct vases. More than half of her light bases didn't work. Needless to say I was more than disappointed with the look and feel of the entire reception because my tables looked like crap. I know other people noticed because I got a few comments from people asking why some tables had pretty lights and theirs didn't. I was embarrassed and upset with the whole situation. I had already decided when I woke up on my wedding day that I wouldn't let anything upset me, so I haven't said anything to anyone until now.

I understand that some things will go wrong with every wedding or large event, and I'm OK with all of that. I could get past the incorrect order and the fact that the light bases didn't work. What I can't get over is how Patty treated me. I have not said anything to her because 1. I'm sure she won't care and 2. It's not like I paid her anything, so I got what I paid for.

Bottom line: do not hire this company. You will be disappointed.
Services used: Rentals & Photobooths