Nov 06, 2012

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Hi there, My name is Alicia and my Fiance and I have been together for 2 1/2 years. Brian asked me to marry him on Good Friday, making it Great Friday for me :-). We have an 8 month old son named Quade who is absolutely gorgeous!! We love him to bits and I love being a Mummy. I am also a teacher and am returning to work in February 2012, it will be hard to get used to again!!!

We are currently in the 'ideas' stage of planning our wedding as we are not booking anything until after I return to work. Our them colours will be Deep Red, Deep Purple and Ivory accents. I have 4-5 Bridesmaids and we are planning a mixture of mine and Brians idea's in the form of an Australiana themed pub as the venue with a bit of BLING thrown in for good measure. I would certainly appreciate all the help I can get, particularly with the cake!!

Before trying on any gowns I plan to lose 40 kilograms, I am currently doing this with my sister who has a similar goal. I have lost approx 10 so far so am starting to feel good!! My mother is a dressmaker and specialises in one-of-a-kind gowns, I am very lucky to have such a wonderful Mum to make me a gorgeous gown for the biggest day of my life!!!

Thats a little bit about everything there is to know about me at the moment!!