Aug 17, 2013

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Hello my name is Shanda I am marrying my high school sweetheart (5 years after high school) On August 17th 2013 in a as small as we could get it wedding on family property! 

I love to dance, I am very social, I am a dedicated mommy to out 2 little girls Ellie (5) and Emma (2), I am a full time student going to school for a degree in Human and family Services with a emphasis on Social work. 

My favorites 

  • Color-Pink and Orange
  • Food- Nachos!
  • Type of cookie- Chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips
  • Music- Country
  • Shoe- I wear flip flops year round!
My friends joke that I can sun burn on a rainy day right now as I sit here I am sun burnt to the point like a lobster even though i used SPF 50 sunscreen :(