Jul 06, 2008

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About Us

Emily & Matt
July 6, 2008
Pleasanton, CA

Matt & I met through church an an Ultimate Frisbee class at a local community college. It was a summer of throwing Frisbees and learning new things, only to head back to school and spend the next 2 and a half years in a long distance relationship! It was hard,  but in retrospect it really helped us focus on getting to know each other and building a strong foundation. After being only 10 miles  apart for about a year, he proposed to me on Mother's Day, May 13, 2007. We're planning a Livermore Valley Wine Country wedding and can't be more thrilled to start our new life together! 

Some shots from our engagement shoot, by Joel Flory (

us us


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Planning Photos
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Our Venue: Palm Event Center at the Vineyard

palm event center

(Picture from Penelope's Loom on Flickr.) 


Images from Palm Event Center. Check out their website for more pictures!


The Bling,Baby!


It must take someone pretty perfect to pick out the perfect engagement ring. Matt read my wonky sign language to come up with a ring better than the ones I'd occasionally search for. Not that I searched...often.

Its sparkle is really quite mesmerizing. It distracts me from work. With each key of the keyboard poked, it glimmers and makes me stop to admire. Even more distracting is thinking about Matt searching for it and all that it represents. When it first was revealed before me, the idea of getting married was a huge shock–a “someday in the future” fast forwarding to that instant. After only a couple days of wearing the ring, I’d grown accustomed to it. Well, that is, my pointer and middle finger grew accustomed to it.

The only problem with the ring was that it only came in a size 7 and I’m a size 5. Normally in this instance someone would just run down to a jeweler to get it resized. Since this band had diamonds set, even if only halfway down, three jewelers were wary of the extreme modification. The fear is that in taking out a large chunk of the ring, maintaining the curve would mean compromising the settings in the band. And no jeweler wants that looming over their head. Instead they suggest making the manufacturer change it, but with buying from Costco (the most bling for your buck!) that’s not an option.

The woman at Costco’s jewelry counter then led me to JewelSmiths. They specialize in unique ring design and taking on the challenges that has other jewelers shaking in their boots. The staff were very friendly and had vast knowledge of the industry. We dropped the ring off Saturday and were told it would be ready by Wednesday morning, if not Tuesday night. I was nervous about how much this was all going to cost, but it was significantly lower than what other jewelers’ quotes. And I had much more confidence in the staff at JewelSmiths.


My Dress & Veil!

Click here for my dress

 Maggie Sottero, Vienna. I LOVE my dress! FI accidentally saw my dress here, so I had tot ake down the photo! I am thinking of altering it a bit tighter so it will be more mermaid style.


 From eBay also! Veilsbylana was a great seller with very nice (and affordable!) merchandise.


Hair & Makeup Ideas

Bridesmaids' Dresses

This picture is from Mrs. Caramel on They came back in stock on, so I made the ladies order them with a quickness! They're Maggy London, aquamarine. 


Save the Dates

save the date

We made business card size magnets through We had a good experience with them and were able to find a coupon online to make them even cheaper. Handwriting all the cards, on the other hand, was ab big pain! I knew I should have spent more time figuring out our printer!

Centerpiece Ideas


Flower Ideas





From, seller GarterLady



 Our guestbook, from




Wow, it's hard to take pictures of the invites! All paper from Paper Source (love them!) and the ribbon from Michaels. We made them ourselves and I think they are awesome! The stamps were embossed, so it really adds a little something extra. If you plan to make your own, please steal my RSVP plan, it helps get rid of those pesky plus ones:

We look forward to celebrating with you!
We have reserved two seats in your honor.
Please reply by THIS DATE.

Name and meal choice (tri-tip, salmon or vegetarian)

M________ Attending?_____ Meal:_____ 

M________ Attending?_____ Meal:_____


Vendor Information
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Ceremony & Reception Location - Palm Event Center, Pleasanton CA

Comments/Reviews: So far so good. Check it out at .

Officiant - Mike Forrest
Comments/Reviews: Our college pastor, he knew us from the very beginning. He did a friend's wedding in June '07 and I know he'll do just as well (probably better, but I could be biased...)!
Cake Creator - TBD
Florist - Lynn
Comments/Reviews: She's a family friend who has retired from her florist shop. She is so creative and attentive to our budget -- which is very helpful!
Photographer - Joel Flory
Comments/Reviews: He and his wife Cara have been very personable and professional. They are also very adamant that our photos be a reflection of us and have offered some creative ways to help our personalities shine through. Our engagement photos came out great and we can't wait to have them help us on our special day!
Disc Jockey - TBD
Comments/Reviews: Since our friend can't do it, we're scrambling for a DJ now. Eek!
Transportation - Santa Cruz Woodies
Comments/Reviews: My dad and his friends will be carting us around in old school style! Woodies are classic cars with wood paneling down the sides. They have become a symbol of California living!
Invitations - TBD/DIY
Rental Company - Pleasanton Rentals?
Jeweler - Costco & JewelSmiths
Comments/Reviews: At Costco, you get the most bling for your buck! They have a great selection in a wide price range. JewelSmiths is a small shop bursting with friendly and knowledgeable employees. Many jewelers were afraid to resize my diamond-lined band and they did a great job for a great price!
Tuxedos - Men's Wearhouse


My Dress - Maggie Sottero/eBay
Comments/Reviews: I found my dress on eBay! I was so excited because I was about to give up and fork out the big bucks! I couldn't be happier with the dress and the awesome seller!
Bridesmaid Dresses - Nordstrom
Comments/Reviews: We were able to get the dresses for $128 with free shipping! They came quickly and the girls are actually excited to wear them! (Every bride's dream, right?) Most alterations are free with Nordy's, so that's a huge plus!
Hair Stylist - Jen!
Comments/Reviews: Girl's got skills when it comes to getting my hair exactly how I want it.  And I'm pretty dang picky!
Makeup Artist - Megan & Sandy!
Comments/Reviews: Friends since kindergarten, the Denver-loving and newly Mrs. twins will make us ladies G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!
Wedding Coordinator - Provided by Palm.
Honeymoon Destination - HAWAII!
Comments/Reviews: Planning to buy packages through Costco. I'm letting the fiance handle this, because it started to stress me out a bit! I'm sure our visit to Kauai and Maui will be FAB!


Wedding Photos
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Took these during venue shopping! Not real...

Honeymoon Photos
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Hopefully something like this...


For help with your own bio try:
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It was my first shower to put on, and boy was it tough! But I definitely learned a lot along the way. The great part is that everyone seemed to have a great time--especially the bride.

Bridal Shower Games
Everyone groaned when I mentioned the games, which made me a little sad. But I passed out pencils and small paper plates to each person. They were instructed to put the plate on their head and draw my cousin's dress on the plate! Once people started looking at their "designs" everyone was laughing and chattting, so it was really a good way to break the ice.

I also made a quiz for everyone to learn more about my cousin. They had to guess her favorite things and pick true or false for some crazy facts. I then surprised my cousin by quizzing her on similar questions about the groom. This also made for some good laughs.

Spa Favors in the shower colors: pink and orange

My flower arrangements that the caterers hid in a corner! :(

The "best wishes" tree:
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Today (Sept. 4) is the official three year mark for us! We're celebrating with cake, which is actually just his mom's birthday cake. It's all about penny pinching until next July... :)

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In case anyone wants to read our blog. Matt blogged a few times leading up to the engagement and didn't make it public until after I said yes. (Not that there was any doubt in his mind that I would say yes!)

I will continue to blog about the wedding planning process and all, in case anyone just can't get enough. :)

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There I was, a junior in college home for the summer, fearing the coming F on my report card in Vollyeball. (It's not that I was lazy, entirely, because I was on the varsity track team at the time and the class was at 7:30 a.m. and was hurting my training.) In a panic, I signed up for a community college PE class of Ultimate Frisbee, packed up my car and drove 5 hours back home.

Joining the old hometown gang, I headed over to a friend's house for a luau party, only to find I didn't know many people there. This guy, who apparently knew me, and a girl I assumed was his girlfriend, interrupted my people-watching and I wasn't too pleased. Apparently I met him before. Right. I've heard that one before. He began quickly firing random questions in my direction; including the ever-so-casual: "So, do you have a boyfriend?" After more questions, and watching him lovingly hold a huge inflatable parrot, I discovered that he was the captain of the community college's Ultimate Frisbee team. Sweet, I thought, I found a ride to class.

As the days went on, I found that the girl was not romantically linked to him and that this Ultimate Frisbee class was pretty fun. He was also smart enough to ask me on a date to ice cream, not coffee. Then the summer ended and I drove 300 miles away. Even though he had trouble with long distance relationships before, we decided to try it. (Must have been a problem with choosing the right one to date!)

After almost two years of calling, webcamming and the occasional visit, I finally graduated and moved home. We were finally throwing Frisbees, eating ice cream, dancing, wine tasting and working in the same region! Then, on mother's day 2007, he totally surprised me by proposing under the little tree in the backyard of our friend's house, where we had first met three years before.

We're getting married in July 2008 and are excited to start a life as Mr. & Mrs. West!