May 04, 2012

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I didn't have too many stipulations when it came to the bridesmaid's dresses. I prefer cocktail length over tea or floor length. I wanted something that was simple but carried the theme of the wedding well. I really don't like making decisions for other people. So after a ton of debating and many, many emails to the girls, here's the winner!

Pretty Girl Rock photo 1

Bill Levkoff #111

This color is gorgeous, but my maids will be in a plum purple. Also, model's hair is in the way, but this is actually a one-shoulder - which I love! And more importantly, my girls love!

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It all started in October of 2010. FI's cousin was getting married and I needed a fabulous outfit. I wore a killer pair of red, snake-skin patterned heels that still get compliments. That being said, every event since then I've had to top the previous pair.

My wedding shoes were a bit harder to shop for than I had originally thought. I needed something comfortable, fashionable and not too tall. I'm usually the first to slip into a pair of 5" heels without thinking, but I like the height difference between FI and I and wanted to keep it that way. (He's 6' and I'm 5'4")

I usually prefer silver-tones over gold, but with a champagne-colored dress, the gold looked MUCH better. Our color scheme is plum purple and apple green and I love love love the pop that colored shoes give. So here they are! Thank you, Zappos! Begin!

Oh Em Gee Shoes photo 1

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Oh, Casablanca. Of course I'm referring to the dress. I was engaged in May 2010, but it wasn't until October 2011 that I first went gown shopping. I tried on every dress I had seen in pictures and loved, but something wasn't quite right about any of them.

My consultant asked if she could bring in a few that she thought would work and I reluctantly agreed. I was beginning to feel defeated and (gasp) started to consider settling. 

And then she came back. She had about four gowns with her and my eye immediately was drawn to one. Before I went in the dressing room I said she may have found it. And oh man did she.

Here s lookin at you kid photo 1

Casablanca 1995

The picture doesn't do her justice. It is amazing. I ordered the customized corset back and the color is champagne and ivory.

I cannot wait to wear this gown!

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I cannot believe I forgot to post a picure of the ring! Here she is:

Bling Bling photo 1


And of course the wedding band:

Bling Bling photo 2

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And that's exactly what he did.

We've had a very unconventional start to our relationship. When we met, neither of us wanted any sort of relationship with anyone. Sounds a bit jaded, but we are both very independent and didn't feel a soul-mate was really necessary. Oh, that sounds awful.

Don't get me wrong, I've always believed in love. Always wanted to find love and become a wife and a mother. I was just in no rush to get there.

Anway, we met. We fell in love. Fast. And hard. Within weeks of knowing each other we were exchanging the "L-word", which was completely out of our individual norms. He basically moved in with me and we spent every moment we could in some sort of contact with each other, whether in person or electronically.

And then it happened. I was pregnant!

It was the most overwhelming and incredible feeling in the world. We could not be happier. And on February 25, 2010, we welcomed our incredibly gorgeous baby girl, Layla Maryn (mare-in).

Then you shoulda put a ring on it photo 1

This is a recent one from Target, dressing up like Daddy :)


It was after all of this craziness that we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. He took me to the park where we had our first date and we had a picnic. Then, just as it started to rain, he got down on one knee. Of course I said, 'yes'.

And here we are now, just about 5 months away from the big day! I am absolutely LOVING all of this planning (I love to organize!) and everyday I find myself thinking of something new I can do to make our wedding more 'us'. I hope you all enjoy watching our plans unfold!

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A crazy little thing indeed.

I've always been quite the outgoing, free-spirit and at the independent age of 22, wasn't exactly looking for love. Or even a date. I had dated here and there and spent a rare couple of months in relationships, but for the most part, I was content on my own. I had my core group of friends, my own apartment, a good bartending job and a bar across the street. I was one happy recently-of-drinking-age girl.

And then it happened.

On one of my few nights off work, my friend begged to me go where else? - but to my work. It was karaoke night and she wanted to blow off some steam. With a lot of pleading and much reluctance, I agreed to join her. Unbeknown to be, during my pitch-perfect ;) performance of Four Non-Blondes' 'What's Up?' he walked through the door.

That was his first impression of me. Great.

He ended up being friends with my friends boyfriend (you following?) Anyway, at first we didn't talk, just exchanged those awkward I-just-caught-you-looking-at-me-when-I-was-trying-to-look-at-you glaces. As the night progressed and the party carried on to another bar, I finally approached him. Outgoing, remember?

We had he best conversation of our lives. We literally finished each other's sentences and we had never met. We noticed that we also had the same cell phones (the ever-original blackberry). I politely excused myself to the restroom and just before walking away, set my phone on the table in front of him and simply said, 'you know how it works.'

Yes. This really happened.

So I returned. And there was his number, freshly added to my contacts. He had also called himself from my phone to ensure I wouldn't blow him off. (yeah. right.)

We talked and texted constantly for the next two days. And on that second day, we went on our first date. We have been completely inseparable since.