May 26, 2012

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Thought I'd share with you some of our photos from our special day. I cannot wait until I get the rest, these were only a preview given by our amazing photographer, Carley K Photography. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend.

 We re MARRIED photo 1

We re MARRIED photo 2

We re MARRIED photo 3


We re MARRIED photo 4


We re MARRIED photo 5

We re MARRIED photo 6

We re MARRIED photo 7


We re MARRIED photo 8

We re MARRIED photo 9

We re MARRIED photo 10


We re MARRIED photo 11

In addition, here is a link to our highlight reel wedding video set to music that I picked... I am OBSESSED!!! Thank you Tweed Video, you are AMAZING!!! Just copy and paste this into your browser: 


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Since we couldn't have a fall wedding, we opted for a fall engagement photo session.

We couldn't decide on a location, so we ended up just shooting around our neighborhood to capture where we live in Philly. We ended up not being too pleased with our photographer, and ended up getting a new one. Long story short, we ended up with a lot of photos that look like a magazine ad...which is fine I guess, but for the purpose of the shoot, we wanted some more straightforward poses where you can actually see both of our faces. He took some of those, but they were like 300 ft away, so we won't be using those.  Here is a brief preview of the ones we liked from our shoot in Old City:

Engagement Photo Session photo 1Engagement Photo Session photo 2Engagement Photo Session photo 3Engagement Photo Session photo 4Engagement Photo Session photo 5

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Some ideas for photobooth props courtesy of the amazing Etsy:

Photobooth Props photo 1


A prop for my fiance and I to take a picture in the booth...

Photobooth Props photo 2


Or maybe this one because it has more of a vintage feel...

Photobooth Props photo 3

Should we use these or are they corny??

Photobooth Props photo 4

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We will be intertwining a Parisian theme with our wedding since we recently found out we will be moving to Paris, France for the first 2-3 years of our marriage!! We will be moving shortly after our honeymoon, so there is not much time left when we are dedicating ourselves to our two major life changes: marriage & moving to a non-english speaking continent across the Atlantic ocean! Not only are we embarking on a new chapter in our lives, but we are looking at it as a new adventure together. Needless to say, our wedding will be even more emotional as we will be simultaneously saying goodbye to a lot of our friends and family for a few years!! We are so blessed, so appreciative for the amazing opportunity :)

A little about us our wedding theme photo 1With that said, I've decided to incorporate a few french touches into our reception. For the place card table, I will have an Eiffel Tower in the middle of the table, surrounded by votive candles and rose petals (as seen in the photo, from Pier 1). On the middle of the tower, I'm tying a sign with ribbon that will say, "Find Your Seat, S'il Vous Plait". We are also having a candy bar that will have a matching Eiffel Tower, also with votive candles. I want to keep it simple and only use words that are universally known- Merci, S'il Vour Plait, Bonjour, Au Revior, etc. I believe I am using a birdcage for the cards, and that will have a label that says "Merci" on it.

I'm debating on whether I want a little edible Eiffel Tower as our cake topper, or if I want to have a superman & lois lane customizeable (hair color, style & dress) bride and groom as my fiance has been obssessed with Superman before he came out of the womb!

A little about us our wedding theme photo 2


We have a photobooth, so on our guest book, I want to add a little note to our friends and family, and of course, using the words Au Revior at the beginning. :) I'm also going to add beautiful quotes throughout the book. I'm debating on whether or not I want to have their duplicate photo strip just pasted into the guest book, or if I want to make a copy of it and send it in the thank you cards and get a more interactive, fun vintage guest book like this one:

A little about us our wedding theme photo 3


Now, to make it even more personalized, my fiance and I decided that we would incorporate our love of Belgium beers. Originally, we were thinking we would have two bottles at each table, but the more we thought about it, the more we thought we should just have them served at the open bar, with a little message saying which one is each of our favorites. We also have a photo to go along with it from our engagement session, with each of us holding out a belgium beer, and us blurred out in the background. It's kind of neat.

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How We Met 3 photo 1

Believe it or not...but this picture was taken on our first date :)

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I asked someone to take it! Not usually my style on a first date, but there was something special about him and I think my intuition just kicked in. We met in the most unusual way- through our mutual friends on Facebook. We both had just ended very short-lived, not-so-serious relationships that summer. The person I had been dating at the time - I met down in Avalon, NJ that summer, and became friends with one of his friends in particular. When things started to go sour and summer had ended, I was looking at his friends profile on Facebook, just browsing through his friends. That's when I came across Matthew. I saw that not only was he cute, but his birthday was the day after mine. Intrigued, I sent him a message - stating that his birthday was the day after mine. (Our birthdays were only a week away). We started talking more and more, and eventually went on our first date together in November, pictured above. The attraction was instant, sparks were flying. 


Here are a few more pictures of us, during the first year of our relationship, back in 2007!

How We Met 3 photo 2 First work holiday party together.

How We Met 3 photo 3First NYE party together.

How We Met 3 photo 4 First time visiting his hometown in Boston for his sister's 21st birthday!


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