May 26, 2012

Gina Sole, The Wedding Planner
( 5.0 / 5.0 )

That, is how I can sum up Gina in one word. She tactfully handled all of the blunders throughout my wedding day, so cooly and effortlessly. I had so many things go wrong and she just took control without showing the slightest sign of stress. I hired her for the "Day-Of" package, and only wish I could have hired her for more services because she was that good.

The first minute Gina entered my bridal suite the morning of my wedding, I handed her my bouquet and a piece of my beaded sash and asked her to figure out how to put it on there. She was like, "oh no big deal.." and figured a way to sew it on in less then ten minutes. The week of my wedding, I was sick (probably from the immense stress) and was out of commission. She called all my vendors and setup a timeline and coordinated all of the last minute details so I didn't have to worry about it. Then, there was another wedding the same day as ours that had a very similar last name. When our poor groomsmen went to load the booze on our trolley, they asked the driver if it was for our wedding party, and the driver told them yes. When we got on the trolley about ten minutes before the ceremony (we were around the corner from the church) and discovered the booze was missing, she called the groomsmen and found a way to get us a case of beer within two minutes.

She also bustled my dress, which, was no easy feat as one of the buttons had fallen off my dress unbeknownst to me at that time. She didn't say a word and just kept working at it until she found a way to pin it..and then repined it again that night after my husband stepped on my dress. My veil was also too heavy for my hair and kept pulling it out. She continuously added bobby pins to my hair- no complaints. She helped carry my train, my bouquet, anything i needed, she took care of. She made sure the DJ was doing what we asked as we were really concerned he wouldn't play what we asked. (He was a bit odd).

All in all, Gina is the BEST wedding planner you could possibly hire. Even my two meetings with her prior - her answers to my endless questions just rolled off her tongue. One of the best decisions I made in planning my wedding. THANK YOU Gina!!
Services used: Wedding Planning