Apr 14, 2012

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Ok. So now I know IT IS true that the best time to buy decorations is during the holidays!! I hit up Michael's today and pretty much robbed them with the amazing deals I got. Before I thought no way I'll find any wedding decor during Christmas. Pssh was I wrong. 


How pretty are these candle votives?? For $2!! It was such a steal I got 15 of each. The big one is about 4 1/2 inches which will be perfect to put on the tables with the arrangements :) I love how sparkly they are!

DIY decorations photo 1


I'm going to use this tray to put my "tears of joy" packets into. And some jewels and ribbons I'll find some use for I'm sure :)

DIY decorations photo 2


I also want to make one of those three tiered card boxes and found the christmas boxes for literally under $2 a box! So I bought white spray paint, ribbons and all that good stuff and here is the fabric I'm covering it with. I was so overwhelemd with the amount of fabric to choose from and none were standing out, until I saw this one!

DIY decorations photo 3

I have to figure out how to incorporate the pink lace and the ribbons. It'll be fun to play around with :)


It feels great to have left with all of this fabulous stuff for under $100! I'm officially obsessed with bargains!!!  

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One of the things I love about our venue is that they supply a lot of the vendors, such as florist. They have particular vendors they work with in the area and trust to do good jobs. Makes it easier on me because all I have to do is show up with a picture of what I want and voila! For my bouquet, I want to do hot pink and bright orange roses mixed with some tropical flowers. Because tropical flowers are pricey, I'll probably have the BM's carry a bouquet of all orange & pink roses.  These are my current inspirations. I love the pink & orange detail on the stem!

Flowers photo 1

Flowers photo 2

Flowers photo 3


The guys will have some sort of tropical flower for their boutonniere. This is my inspiration. In hot pink of course :) Our guys are going to be such good troopers, I just know it ;)

Flowers photo 4

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My first DIY! I didn’t know they would be so complicating! It took me about 2 months to get these sent out because I kept putting it off. My cousin is a photographer and took some pictures of us at one of our favorite places, Lake Las Vegas, in Vegas. I knew I wanted to do a photo strip magnet so we brought along a cheap little chalkboard I bought at Michaels and painted.

The hard part was finding a magnet that already had the right format. All of the photo strip ones had big thick borders, thus making the images really tiny!! So my cousin ended up creating the whole layout for us, which I then had to work with a printing company to get them printed out evenly. The printing company sent me the envelopes too, so figuring out how to print directly onto the envelopes was another nightmare! It took me about a week to get mail merge down. After I figured that out, I was able to stick all of the envelopes in my printer, press print and walk away. So thankful for mail merge!!

Here are the photos we used:

Save The Dates photo 1Save The Dates photo 2Save The Dates photo 3Save The Dates photo 4


......the final product. Grrr I can't get it to show full size, it looks tiny here! They are about 2.5" X 6" which shows all of the pictures clearly.

Save The Dates photo 5

The total cost for these was around $170.00, including postage. And I believe I sent close to 80 out. So a little over $2 for each one......In the end, I have to admit it was worth it. Everyone loved the creativity we put into them and it makes me smile seeing it everytime I open the fridge :)

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HOT PINK and ORANGE! And sparkles everywhere!!! 

Wedding Colors photo 1Wedding Colors photo 2

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Living in Vegas at the time, a friend had invited me to go with her and her girlfriend, Keri, to San Diego. The night before we were supposed to leave my friend calls me to tell me she got called to a last minute work event and could no longer go. I'd worked with Keri a few times before and she seemed really nice, she called me up saying it'd be fun if I still went with her. I was down for the get away in San Diego! I knew she had plans to meet up with this guy at one point, and I told her I didn't mind going with. But I'm also not dumb. I know how guys work! They always bring a wingman hoping that the two "friends" get along just as well. I told Keri to give her boy a heads up, I'm not lookin. Then I meet Jamie. Of course I thought he was cute, but I immediately felt a connection that I wasn't expecting. I was intrigued to learn more about him. He was actually forcing water down me in between drinks because he said he didn't want me to be drunk which I thought was very sweet of him.

After an amazing few days in San Diego, I went back to Vegas and a few weeks later we were in Hawaii together. Not bad for a first date, right?? That's a whole other story. But that's where our story began...Hawaii was the place we fell in love.

First night in Hawaii togetherOur Love Story The Proposal photo 1

 And nearly two years later, he took me on a surprise vacation back to the same place, same hotel and asked me to marry him.  It was our 5th day in Oahu and Jamie tells me to pack some stuff for a day trip. We end up at the airport and he surprised me with a quick jumper flight to Maui. Immediately I text one of my best friends, Brandy, who lives in Maui. I'd been trying to organize something with her ever since we got to Hawaii but she had been busy. I text her telling her how excited I was, we are going to Maui for the day! Being so last minute, of course she was working. So I thought. I get off the plane and who is waiting there for me with a big pretty lei?? Brandy! I was in tears!! Jamie and her planned the whole thing. We had an amazing day going to hidden local spots on the water, laughing and just having the best of time. I remember thinking nothing could make this day any more perfect, I was beyond happy. 

Jamie wanted to take me to a nice dinner so we planned to meet up with Brandy afterwards. When we pulled up to the Four Seasons, my heart skipped a beat. That's where we stayed together in Hawaii nearly 2 years ago!! So many wonderful memories there that changed my life forever. We were having dinner at this beautiful restaurant that was outside on the water. Right when we sat down at the table he popped the question. We hadn't even ordered cocktails yet! He couldn't keep it in anymore. It was amazing and everything I dreamt of. I can't explain how right everything felt, and has ever since. I feel like I'm living a fairy tale. 

Ever since our San Diego trip, Keri has been one of my best friends. We moved to San Diego together 5 months after our trip and were roomies. It's really cute, she always tells everyone, "the only reason I ever met Jamie's friend was so Megan would meet Jamie!" I truly believe everything happens for a reason and when you are least expecting it. I feel so blessed to be marrying my best friend!!!Our Love Story The Proposal photo 2Our Love Story The Proposal photo 3Our Love Story The Proposal photo 4Our Love Story The Proposal photo 1

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I have recently transitioned into the over obsessive bride. I figured I would surround myself with other bride-to-be’s instead of driving the finance crazy =P. I’m a very crafty person, so plan on doing TONS of DIY projects. Looking forward to getting ideas and motivation from all of you lovely ladies :)