Jun 19, 2010

VIP Video Illusion Productions
( 1.2 / 5.0 )
VIP Video Illusion Productions in Staten Island NY did not live up to what they told me. When I first went there, they were very nice. They were nice enough to take my money, promise me everything I asked for and in the end my husband and I are not satisfied. On the day of my wedding everything seemed to be going well, then again you are so busy you really have no idea what is going on around you. Tom was very nice, made us laugh, all was good. We then received our raw footage video shortly after the wedding. This is the footage from the whole night, uncut. It was amazing. Then we set up a meeting to create the original wedding video, they ask you what songs you want for each section. They told us it would be ready in about 6 months. I had called VIP to ask if I could make any changes to the songs we had chosen, at the time of the meeting they told me I could make changes later down the line. Months went by and I began calling them to ask when the video will be ready and if I could change a few songs. I was calling them every week but no one would answer or return my calls, I had to get my husband involved. I finally spoke to a woman who explained to me that the video would be ready in about a week and as soon as it comes in they would call me to change the songs I wanted. Again months went by, no call, no answer to my calls. Now a year and half later I get a call from Tom to tell me its ready. He also said we have two days to make any changes. So two days later we e-mailed him all changes we wanted done, he then told us he cannot make any changes and if we wanted we would have to pay EXTRA money to change anything.
They had no problem taking my money, asking to be paid IN FULL on the day we received our raw footage and then completely not caring about our requests there after. To top it off the video is not good. It has A LOT of repeated scenes and I did not like the vintage look he gave it. The cover was printed on regular paper that I could have made at home.
They were very unprofessional, knew how to lure us in and did not live up to our expectations. I would NOT trust them for any booking. A piece of advice to brides is go with someone who is referred by a friend or family member. You cannot trust no one these days. Especially when you are as vulnerable as a first time bride.
By the way I never leave reviews, but I was so disappointed in VIP video illusion that I had to share my story.
Services used: Videography