Apr 11, 2009

LA Dance Experience
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
We had a great time at LA Dance Experience. They cater to people who may not have a lot of dance skills, like my fiance. Mireille was our instructor. She's sweet and patient and really takes the time to break things down so the dance was easy to learn. She also kept things like the length of my dress, the height of my heels, the size of our dance floor, and the surface that we'd be dancing on in mind in putting our first dance together. Overall we love the choreography and it looks great. We initially signed up for the 5 lessons for $400. Ultimately we decided to add on a 6th lesson a few days before the wedding. That was because we didn't practice enough on our own at home. I thought we got alot for our money and I'm glad that we decided to take the lessons. It was a fun part of the wedding planning process and something different for us to do together as a couple.
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