Aug 31, 2008

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Introducing our Yorkie puppy, Mushi (rhymes with Sushi).  It means "mouse" in Farsi :)

Born on the 4th of July, she's our patriotic pup!

Our Newest Addition photo 1 Our Newest Addition photo 2  Our Newest Addition photo 3 Our Newest Addition photo 4Our Newest Addition photo 5

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I can hardly believe that its been a YEAR!  Ladies, enjoy the planning and the all flies by :) 

To celebrate our anniversary, we decided (sorta last minute) to take a week long trip to Orlando, FL.  We've both been before and knew of all the many fun things to do there.  We stayed at The Fountains (Blue Green Resorts).  Its a new facility and was gorgeous.  We had a 2 bedroom suite with a full kitchen, washer & dryer, and the master suite had a big jacuzzi tub!  The resort location was perfect...really centrally located and I highly recommend it for any of you looking to honeymoon there :)

Our ONE Year Anniversary photo 1 Our ONE Year Anniversary photo 2

We relaxed, shopped, dined, visited the Kennedy Space Center, and went to Disney a couple days...Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney. 

Our ONE Year Anniversary photo 3 Our ONE Year Anniversary photo 4

***ATTENTION DISNEY HM'ers***  My DH and I saw 'bride and groom' Mickey ears and decided to make the trip our "second" honeymoon, LOL!  Although our "real" HM to Rome was amazing, we never got the newlywed treatment.  We bought the ears and the cashier suggested we wear their "Just Married" buttons and all the staff members would congratulate us.  We had soooo much fun!!!  They treated us like royality, congratulating us at every turn, offering for us to sit at the front of the rides, and take our pic.  It was so much fun.  We're so glad we finally got the "newlywed" treatment :)

My sweet DH surprised me with some new for my right-hand and the other for around my neck.Our ONE Year Anniversary photo 5 Our ONE Year Anniversary photo 6

To top it ALL off, I came home to a new ride...

Our ONE Year Anniversary photo 7 <-- 2009 Nissan Rogue (photo from

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Introducing my cure for my "wedding planning withdrawls."  LOL!!! 

 NWR Exciting New BLOG photo 1

After making a few diaper cakes and towel cakes as gifts, and then friends asking me to make some for them, I have realized that this is the perfect solution to my "wedding planning withdrawls," lol!!!  The response has been so positive, I'm really loving it.

I'm calling it Stacks of Love with a line of "Baby Stacks" (diaper cakes) and "Home Stacks" (towel cakes).  I've got my blog up and running.  Next step is an Etsy store.  Check out my blog when you get a chance :)

Its "open!"  My Etsy store is up and running with items listed!!!  Come visit if you'd like :)

Thanks for looking :)

P.S.  Thanks to some creative ladies here on PW for their inspiration with the name.  There were a lot of creative ideas :)

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Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 1 Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 2 Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 3

I was asked to help with a couple details for a dear friend's bridal shower.  I happily agreed and immediately started brainstorming as I only had 3 days to whip out favors and centerpieces.  The lovely bride has such great taste and style and is planning a wedding themed with black, white, and red.  I decided it'd be easiest to stay with those colors for the shower because I knew the bride would love it and the materials would be easy to find.

Candle Favors:  With little time to spare, I resorted back to my candle bridal favors.  They're cute, simple, easy to personalize, and popular.  This time, I opted not to add a flower to the bow because it overpowered the adorable polka-dot ribbon.  To see full instructions how to create candle favors, click here.

Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 4 Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 5

Flowers/Centerpieces:  After taking a look through my vases at home, I decided on 4 rectangular and 2 small round (bowl-like) vases.   I knew I wanted something that was simple but eye-catching.  Fortunately, we have a local floral supply warehouse.  I dashed over to pick-up some red roses and a couple bunches of their best red/burgandy carnations.  While at the warehouse, I saw the cutest clear cellophane with white polka-dots.  I picked-up a roll and figured I'd find a way to use it :)

Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 6 Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 7 Bridal Shower DIY Flowers Favors photo 8


  • Vases
  • Flowers (Roses and Carnations)
  • Colored or patterned cellophane *optional*
  • Marbles or rocks *optional* 
  • Scissors (sharp)
  • Ribbon (to tie roses and to wrap vases)
  • Double-stick tape *optional, if wrapping vases with ribbon*


  • Trim cellophane to fit the inside of the vase. *optional*
  • Line the inside of the vase with the cellophane. *optional*
  • Add a couple handfuls of marbles/rocks to the vase.  This will not only add color to the vase, but it also helps hold the cellophane and flowers in place.  *A huge thanks to my friend, Jenn, for suggesting the use of the rocks ;)
  • Fill vase half-way with water (perferably mixed with flower food).
  • Clean flowers of leaves, thorns, etc.
  • Trim flowers to desired length.  For this arrangement, it is best to trim all carnations the same length (just slightly taller than the vase) and the roses the same length (about 2 1/2 times the height of the vase, ie. 6" vase = roses should be approx 14"-18" long).
  • Add carnations to the vase.  Add enough so there aren't any gaps.
  • Add roses to the vase.  I used 4 roses.  Depending on the size of your vase, you may want to add more roses.  Carefully slip the rose stems between the carnations in the center of the vase.  Gently push roses down until the stems are resting on the bottom of the vase.  If they do not stand on their own, try adding a carnation or two so that its a snug fit.
  • Tie ribbon around the rose stems between the carnations and the rose heads (see picture)
  • Wrap ribbon around the vase using double-stick tape to hold in place. *optional*
  • **Extra flowers can be used in small arrangements.  I used left-over roses for small arrangements in round, bowl-like vases.  Trim the stems to desired length (slightly taller than vase).  Use the same steps as above (first 5 steps) to prep the vase and flowers.  
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I design and create jewelry, so I knew exactly what I was looking for when it came to my wedding day jewelry. 

Bridal Bling the Jewels photo 1

For my necklace, I wanted crystals to accent the crystal beading throughout my dress and the crystals in our wedding theme.  I also wanted to pearls not only because they're pretty, but because they symbolize innocence and a pure heart.  I had planned to make my jewelry since I had the means and knew just what I wanted, but that all changed when my MIL and I went shopping.  We went to the annual sample sale at the SF Gift Center.  We stumbled upon a woman with beautiful handcrafted jewelry.  It caught my wedding necklace that I had invisioned was there on her table.  The price was great.  It cost about the same as the materials would have cost me to purchase.  It was worth saving time to make it myself.  Without even thinking about it, I bought it. 

My earrings were given as a gift.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where they came from, but I did love them.

Bridal Bling the Jewels photo 2

My dress came with a bow that fortunately was easily removed.  I found the perfect brooch to add just a touch of sparkle to the sash from Jena Richards.  The shipping and customer service were great.  More importantly, I love the brooch.

Bridal Bling the Jewels photo 3

At the end of the ceremony, it is Persian tradition for the bride and groom to be showered with gifts (typically jewelry & gold coins).  My MIL gave me a beautiful diamond bracelet that I LOVE :)

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We decided to do a TTD (Trash the Dress) photo session with Carmen Perez of Studio by Carmen.  I first met Carmen when I hired her to do my amazing Boudoir pics.  I had so much fun with her and was so impressed with her talent, I knew she'd be perfect for the job.  Everything seemed to work out just perfectly the day of the shoot.  The weather was sunny and beautiful (anyone familiar with SF knows that a sunny day without any fog is rare).  Carmen and her husband, Favio were so fun to work with.  They give such great direction and Carmen's attention to detail always amazes me :)  On top of it all, she is so creative!  

We started at the Marina, then the Legion of Honor.  We finished things up at the Cliff House and the Sutro Baths.  The sun had set by the time we made the hike down so we did some flash photography near the cave and on the rocks.  Overall, the day was really fun and I'm so glad we did it!

As always, Carmen blew us away with her gorgeous pics showcasing her skill behind the camera!  My DH and I truly LOVE every image she sent us.  I really struggled to narrow down before uploading to PW.  If you want to see all the uploaded images, click here

Here are some of our ABSOLUTE favs:

TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 1 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 2 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 3 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 4 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 5 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 6 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 7 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 8 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 9 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 10  TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 11 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 12 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 13 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 14 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 15 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 16 TTD Post Wedding Editorial Pics photo 17