May 14, 2009

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It has all the "aspects"/characteristics that I wanted in a dress! V9263 from Davids Bridal

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It was a total "God" moment!  I'll never forget...

I had known since about August 2007 that he was going to propose "soonish".  However, I wasn't aware that Brian's plan was for October 07.  I found out from him at the beginning of October that it would be before the end of the year, leaving a 3 month window (Oct, Nov, Dec) for me to try and figure out.  Every weekend in October was filled with some sort of activity, leaving little chance for "us" time for him to pop the question.  However, the last weekend in October became free after some plans to spend it at some mountain yurts with our best friends changed.  Brian and I then decided to spend that Saturday hiking somewhere.  I had gotten a really good report about a trail west of Boulder from a friend that I hadn't talked to for a few years.  So we decided to spend the day hiking up to Isabelle Lake and then maybe spend some time in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  I had an idea that he might propose that day, but I was trying really hard not to get excited for something that I didn't know much about. 

When we woke up on Saturday morning, it was overcast and cold.  We drove up to Ward and beyond to get to the trailhead.  As soon as we drove above Ward and out of the valley, we literally drove above the clouds.  The rest of the day was sunny with that beautiful Colorado blue sky.  So we commenced to hike 5 miles up to Isabelle Lake, passing other beautiful lakes along the way.  It was warm and the weather was absolutely perfect.  We arrived at the lake around 1:10 pm.  When we saw the lake, we were both awestruck.  We didn't know what to expect.  It was a gorgeous glacial lake surrounded by massive mountains dabbled with snow.  The elevation was just under 11,000 ft., so the air was crisp and clean.  The only sound was of the wind blowing and our breathing.  I had to use a bush desperately, and when I came back, Brian was down by the lake behind a couple of rocks, trying to shield himself from the intense wind coming off the lake.  I stepped over to him and suddenly got butterflies in my stomach.  I knew he was going to propose.  He said to me, "Wow, this is beautiful.  This last year has been the best year of my life..."  He reached into his coat and grabbed a small box.  He then said, "And I want to make it permanent.  I would be honored if you would be my wife.  Would you marry me?"  I started crying and laughing and crying some more.  After I stopped shaking, I was able to say "YES!!" to him.  We spent the next half hour sitting by Isabelle Lake, talking and dreaming, crying and laughing.  It was the best hike of my life.  It was a total "God" moment, and I am thinking Him everyday for the blessings He has given us, starting with the blessing of having Brian in my life!
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