May 14, 2009

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We will be putting together OOT welcome boxes for our guests, to place in each hotel room. We are planning on using gable boxes or paper gift bags, and putting the following items in each box:

  • Welcome letter
  • Ft Collins city map
  • Colorado Visitor Guide
  • Wedding event itinerary
  • Contacts sheet
  • Local coupons/entertainment
  • County natural areas guide/trails, etc.
  • 2 bottles of Perfect water
  • fruits to snack on (apples, bananas)


gable boxes, OOT Bag, OOT Gift Bags, Hotel Gift Baskets, OOT packaging  

http://www.blissweddingsmarket.com/store/000443.htOut of Town Guests photo 1

Out of Town Guests photo 2


Here are my designs for the front welcome signs on the boxes/bags:

Out of Town Guests photo 3 Out of Town Guests photo 4

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DIY Moss Covered Letters photo 1 DIY Moss Covered Letters photo 2




1. 1"x12"x36" piece of white styrofoam from any craft store ($5)

2. 525 cu in. bag of spanish moss (I bought 1 bag of spanish moss {super GREEN!} and a smaller bag of brownish moss, $5)

3. Low heat glue gun and LOTS OF GLUE STICKS (I used about 30 when doing mine)

4. Sharpie marker/ colored marker

5. Kitchen knife, non-serrated or serrated will work fine


Step 1:  I printed out a letter "G" from Microsoft Word that was in the font style that I desired to use as a template (if you can print out the letter big enough <on a plotter or something> then you could just use the letter and trace it onto the styrofoam)

Step 2: Use a Sharpie to free hand draw or trace the letter on the styrofoam

Step 3: Take the knife and cut out the letter.. be careful to not apply too much pressure on the styrofoam, as it can break pretty easily (glues back together easily too!)

Step 4: After you have the letter cut out, get your moss ready.  I put mine on a huge sheet of paper on the floor (to avoid too much mess).  I tore a bunch out of the bag and ripped it into small pieces/chunks.  I mixed the green moss with the brown moss, to make it more natural looking.

Step 5: Use your hot glue gun to apply glue to a 3"x3" section on the letter.

Step 6: Quickly grab a small chunk of moss and roll it and pack it into a tight ball, and apply it on the letter in the glue.  Press firmly so that the moss gets stuck in the glue completely.  You may have to apply more glue to get all the moss stuck.

Step 7: Continue doing this until the entire letter is covered.

Optional-- I trimmed the extra moss to make it "clean" looking

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Color inspirations



        Burgundy calla lillies        Burgundy gerbera daisies

Image http://www.camflor.com/catalog/images/hydrangea%20hot%20pink.jpg  

  Hot pink callas             Hot pink hydrangea

  http://www.bloomeryweddings.com/blog/images/betsys_bridesmaid.jpg  http://www.diggingdog.com/photos/alstroemeriacasaM.jpg

          Ivory hydrangea              White alstroemeria

My bouquet inspirations: loose wildflower look (gerberas, callas, hydrangeas, alstromerias)

http://www.altavistaflowers.com/images/burgundy%20callas.jpg http://images.theknot.com/ImageStage/Objects/0003/0000076/large_image.jpg 

Bouquet wrapping: I love the satin wrapping with a rhinestone monogram or brooch... 

http://www.topperswithglitz.com/images/accessories/Crystal%20Bouquet%20Letter%20R2%20sm-resized.jpg  Flowers, Bouquet, White, Christine farah photography Flowers, Purple

Corsages/Boutonierres:mix of callas and hydrangeas

http://www.rebeccassilverrose.com/weddings/corsages/corsage-orchid-freesia-calla-lily.jpg http://www.capefearwedding.com/graphics/editorial/bellamy_trend1106k.jpg http://www.cupidsarrowweddings.net/image_uploads/DSC00815.JPG 

I decorated mason jars to hold Karen and I's bouquets day-of:

Flowers photo 1 Flowers photo 2

Pro Pics:

th5 Flowers photo 3 Flowers photo 4

th19 Flowers photo 5

Flowers photo 6


Flowers photo 7

Flowers photo 8   Flowers photo 9   

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I rode into the ceremony in a carriage:

Wedding Day and Night transportation photo 1 Wedding Day and Night transportation photo 2

Wedding Day and Night transportation photo 3 Wedding Day and Night transportation photo 4

To leave the reception that night, we decided to save some money, and do an "overnight test drive" with one of the local BMW dealers!  So Brian has put in his choice of car for that day, and he surprised me!  It was a silver 5-series:

Wedding Day and Night transportation photo 5

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Here's the inspiration pic:

Guestbook Table photo 1

We used these vases and putting candies with wine-colored and champagne-colored wrappers in them on the guest table:

Glass Cylinder Cup Candleholder - Medium Glass Cylinder Cup Candleholder - Medium  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9b/Hershey%27s_Kisses_and_Cherry_Cordial_Creme_Kisses.jpg/800px-Hershey%27s_Kisses_and_Cherry_Cordial_Creme_Kisses.jpg

We'll have this photo frame on an easel, next to the guestbook table:

Guestbook Table photo 2

Non-pro pics:

 Guestbook Table photo 3 Guestbook Table photo 4


Guestbook Table photo 5 Guestbook Table photo 6

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Here's our ceremony timeline:

Prelude (starting around 5:40 pm)

Seating of the Groom's Grandmother and Mother (6:00 pm)

"Trumpet Tune"................................Purcell

Attendents Processional (6:01 pm)

          "Trumpet Tune"................................Purcell

Lighting of the Wedding Candles (6:02 pm)

We respectfully request that there be no flash photography during the ceremony.

Bride's Processional (6:05 pm)



Giving of the Bride in Marriage (6:07 pm)


Scripture Reading (6:09 pm)

         Ephesians 5:21-33

         Romans 15:5-6

Declaration of Intent (6:12 pm)

Exchange of Vows and Rings (6:13 pm)

Lighting of the Unity Candle and Declaration of Goff Mission Statement (6:15 pm)

Declaration and Blessing of Marriage (6:16 pm)

Presentation of the Couple

Recessional and Postlude (6:18 pm)

          "Recessional March"......................Mendelssohn

Please blow wedding bubbles at this time

Release of Guests by Row (6:20 pm)