May 14, 2009

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Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 1  Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 2

  Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 3  Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 4

Gifts for flowergirl: (the day before our wedding is her b-day also)

  • shower gel/bubble bath
  • cute pink/red socks
  • handmade bracelet to wear at wedding
  • bag/tote
  • flowergirl t-shirt

Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 5 

Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 6

Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 7

Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 8 Flowergirl Dress and Accessories photo 9

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wedding ticker

Pro pic slideshow!


Check out our blog!!


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DIY Birdcage Card Holder photo 1

DIY Birdcage Card Holder photo 2

I bought the cage at Joanns, and super glued on the ribbon on each corner, and treaded beads through with white wire.

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Bride's Survival Kit:

Ibuprofin                                                                                                                                          Clear Nail Polish                                                                                                                                 
Moist Towlettes
Snacks (that aren't messy!)
Sewing Kit
Corsage Pins
Cotton Balls
Earring Backs
Hair Brush
Tooth Brush
Nail Polish Remover
Safety Pins
Stain Remover
Bobby Pins
Dental Floss
Double Sided Tape
Emery Board
Super Glue
Nail Clippers

Groom's Survival Kit:

Dental Floss
Styptic Pencil
Lint Brush
Bout. Pins
Wrinkle Remover
Snacks (that aren't messy)
Shaving Cream
Nail Clippers
Sewing Kit
Safety Pins
Stain Remover
Black Socks

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My something old: mom's diamond necklace attached to my bouquet

My something new:  dress, tiara, shoes :)

My something borrowed:  FI's parent's silver cake serving set                                                

Something old something new photo 1   Something old something new photo 2

My something blue: rhinestones on shoes

Something old something new photo 3

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Things Done:
-Dress ($550)
-Accessories (shoes, jewelry, veil) ($450)
-Lingerie ($100)
-Birdcage card holder ($25)
-Reception cards ($20)
-Maps for invites ($5)
-"Leave a Blessing" cards ($5)
-"Receive a Blessing" cards ($5)
-Tear of Joy packets ($5)
-Engagement pics
-Book vendors/venue
        -Photog-$1900 (PAID OFF) --final meeting done
        -DJ-$700 (PAID OFF!) -- final meeting done
        -Florist $594 (PAID OFF!) -- final meeting done
        -Officiant (free) -- final meeting done
        -String Quartet-$550 (PAID OFF!) -- final song list given
        -Horse Carriage-$245 (PAID OFF!) -- done and confirmed
        -Tapestry House venue-$2950 (PAID OFF!) -- walk through done
        -Cake-$480 (PAID OFF!) --final meeting done
        -Rehearsal dinner photographer (free) --final meeting done
        -DOC (free) --friend from church -- final meeting done
-Wedding website
-Honeymoon lingerie ;)
-Finished invitations ($80-100)
-favor tags ($5)
-Try on mom's wedding dress (eek)
-something borrowed, new, blue
-Bathroom basket sign
-8 pomanders
-2nd engagement photo session
-Ordered garter!! (from gartersbykristi on etsy.com, $25)
-Got bustle done on dress ($85, october)
-S-T-D card emails (october)
-first hair trial/makeup trial
-ordered RB's tux ($15!!)
-flowergirl bracelet
-rent cake stand ($20)
-bought Hersheys cherry cordial kisses for sign in table ($17)
-birth control (november)
-Moss covered letters
-Bought hair barette :)
-Ordered CO visitor guides for OOTers
-Bought 8 20" square centerpiece vases (micheals, $8 each)
-Bought 8 orchid stems for vases (michaels, $6.50 each)
-Bought 13 11" square centerpiece vases (michaels, $6 each)
-Bought 13 9.5" square vases (hobby lobby, $7 each)
-slideshow--windows movie maker
-bought 10 36" shepherds hooks (hobby lobby, on sale $5 each)
-bought groom's tux (Mens Warehouse, $150)
-bought 35 3x3x3" vases (walmart and dollar tree, $.97 each)
-Guest sign-in photobook ($28.99, picaboo.com)
-bought unity candle vase (walmart, $2)
-bought groom's ring ($650, Jareds)
-Honor table signs/labels
-envelopes addressed/invites stuffed in envelopes
-buy unity candle holder ($8 hobby lobby)
-bought 4 pink paper lanters ($4 total, hobby lobby)
-scheduled walk-through (March 9, 3 pm)
-scheduled rehearsal!!!  (May 13, 3 pm)
-make rehearsal dinner invites
-order BMs shoes (DB, $40)
-Bathroom basket items ($15, Dollar Tree)
-get unity candle vase engraved (craft trophy company, $20)
-Bought 42 mini callas (hobby lobby, $.50 each)
-stamps for invites ($1 each, $81 total, ordering from pictureitpostage.com)

-ordered my custom rings (Cooper&Cooper jewelry, $5174)
-booked honeymoon (7 day cruise to caribbean, NYC, $1957)
-booked airfare to San Juan (air tran, $400)
-booked hotel in NYC (hotwire.com, Hotel Mela, 4 star, $123)
-booked airfare home from NYC (frontier, $240)
-booked hotel in San Juan (priceline.com, courtyard marriott, $107)
-Buy LED tealights ($1 each, ebay)
-Renew FI's passport ($75)
-set bridal shower date (april 18)
-made bridal shower favors (votives with flowers)
-organize everything into seperate boxes for decorating
-invites sent out (march 6)
-venue walk through (march 9)
-ordered 36 more square candles ($8.20 for 12 white, $35 total)
-ordered FG dress (ebay, $50, March)
-made FI's wedding gift dream book
-bought FI's tux shirt and shoes ($85, als formalware)
-bought 50 favor boxes ($25 for 100 boxes, white with hot pink ribbon, michaels)
-ordered tea for favor boxes ($32 for 150 bags, April)
-Finalize vows/ceremony
-Bought 25 wine glasses for rehearsal dinner ($1 each, Dollar Tree)
-Baskets for programs and ToJ packets
-Ordered 30 paper lanterns ($72, Asianideas.com, hobby lobby=pink lanterns)
-got e-pic enlarged and framed for guestbook table
-got slate plaque with name and mission statement made ($25 each)
-OOT welcome kits ($1 each)
-flowers for FG hair
-silver/gold hershey kisses
-frame photo (guestbook table 11x14")
-parents gifts (mothers' necklaces done, hankies)
-bought ribbon for cake
-bought parasols (hobby lobby, pink parasols $4)
-get marriage license (April 20, $10)
-Wedding programs (april)
-Get songs to string quartet
-Rent tux vest ($30)
-Get GM measured, rent GM tux ($105)
-buy wine ($200)
-delivered ribbon to Babette for cake
-sharpie for guestbook and blessing cards
-get FG dress altered/RB tux hemmed
-Bought 12 hydrangea bunches (hobby lobby, $2 each)
-trimmed chiffon fabric for hanging on altar/gazebo
-label boxes
-Moms' gifts done (handmade necklaces, embroidered hankies, $20 each)
-BM gifts done (flip flops and handmade necklaces, $15)
-GM gift done (money clip multi-tool, Things Remembered, $25)
-FG gifts done (bracelet, bubble bath, socks, rhinestone purse/bag)
-Cut fish line for paper lanterns, put on cardboard sheet to keep organized and un-tangled
-Dads' gifts done (watch, tie clip)
-everything coordinated between DOC, venue staff, readers, etc.
-bought rehearsal dinner dress (JCPenney, $35) and earrings (Kohls, $5)
-dropped off rhinestones for flowers to florist (week before wedding)
-called/verified vendors (week before wedding)
-combined bank accounts!!
-move FI's stuff into garage
-RB gift (legos set, $20)
-parents' wedding photos and frames (Hobby Lobby)
-bought wine for rehearsal dinner
-bought table cothes/plates/cups/bowls for rehearsal dinner
-picked up tuxes
-OOT welcome bags to hotels
-emergency kits (partially completed)
-attended rehearsal (May 13, 3 pm)
-attended rehearsal dinner
-bought more scrapbook pages for dream book
-packed for wedding night
-picked up cake stand
-deposited checks/money