Aug 08, 2009

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Mike and I decided we were going to TTD together. On the beach in Galveston, TX. The weather was awesome and the water felt great!!

We used the same photographer from the wedding (Montage Photographers). We are really happy the way these turned out!

Our Couple s TTD photo 1

Our Couple s TTD photo 2

Our Couple s TTD photo 3

Our Couple s TTD photo 4

Our Couple s TTD photo 5

Our Couple s TTD photo 6

Our Couple s TTD photo 7

Our Couple s TTD photo 8Our Couple s TTD photo 9Our Couple s TTD photo 10Our Couple s TTD photo 11

Our Couple s TTD photo 12Our Couple s TTD photo 13Our Couple s TTD photo 14Our Couple s TTD photo 15

Our Couple s TTD photo 16

Our Couple s TTD photo 17

Our Couple s TTD photo 18Our Couple s TTD photo 19

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I decided to create my own program. My inspiration was from another wedding program I saw here in Houston. It is very simple. Just play with the fonts to make it more personable.

I used photoshop to put this together, but this can easily be done in microsoft word.

1. I downloaded fun fonts on www.dafont.com

2. Created 2 seperate pages 8.5"X11" size (1) Front & Back (2)Inside portion

3. The flourish that was in the middle is an enlarged font that I downloaded from dafont. *it is the same one I used for my invitations.

4. I centered the enlarged flourish on the page. So when I folded the program the design would be on both sides.

5. Printed on 100# non glossy cardstock.

FRONT (Our Names, Date, Location of Ceremony) & BACK (Thank yous & Direction to reception)

DIY Wedding Program photo 1

INSIDE (Order of Ceremony & Wedding Party)

DIY Wedding Program photo 2


Finished product!

DIY Wedding Program photo 3

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First Look photo 1First Look photo 2

First Look photo 3  First Look photo 4First Look photo 5First Look photo 6First Look photo 7

First Look photo 8First Look photo 9

First Look photo 10First Look photo 11First Look photo 12

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We left for our honeymoon the Monday after our wedding. Having this 1 extra day was the best tip we ever recieved from other married couples. The extra day allowed us to rest from the wedding and dedicated that day to pack and get ready for the honeymoon. I couldn't imagine having to pack for the wedding and honeymoon at the same time. How stressful!

We went to Play Del Carmen, Mexico and stayed at El Dorado Maroma. The resort was incredible. This resort was an all inclusive adult only hotel. All meals were sit down and not buffet. We were about 20 minutes from the city. I highly recommend this resort for honeymooners. This resort has great customer service. It was a dream!

Honeymoon Paradise photo 1Honeymoon Paradise photo 2

Honeymoon Paradise photo 3Honeymoon Paradise photo 4

Honeymoon Paradise photo 5Honeymoon Paradise photo 6Honeymoon Paradise photo 7

Honeymoon Paradise photo 8Honeymoon Paradise photo 9

Honeymoon Paradise photo 10

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I am blogging now! I started my blog right before the holidays. It is a personal/wedding inspiration blog. I put alot of DIY projects on there. Check it out!

I m Blogging photo 1

Why I named my blog "Blame it on the Toes"???

The book my husband gave me right before he proposed to me said he "blamed it on the toes." Let me clarify this a little bit more....He said it all started with my toes. He saw them and he could see me himself coming home from work with me barefooted and pregnant. He could see himself with me married and growing a family. So he knew then he was going to marry me. The toes is what started it all according to him. So I thought it would be fun to name my blog that since the inspiration for me to start blogging is because my life after the wedding. There would be no wedding if he didn't propose to me. Obviously! Tee Hee!

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Non Pro Pics photo 1Non Pro Pics photo 2

Non Pro Pics photo 3Non Pro Pics photo 4Non Pro Pics photo 5 

Non Pro Pics photo 6

Non Pro Pics photo 7Non Pro Pics photo 8


Non Pro Pics photo 9Non Pro Pics photo 10

Non Pro Pics photo 11Non Pro Pics photo 12

Non Pro Pics photo 13  Non Pro Pics photo 14

Non Pro Pics photo 15

Non Pro Pics photo 16Non Pro Pics photo 17Non Pro Pics photo 18

Non Pro Pics photo 19

Non Pro Pics photo 20Non Pro Pics photo 21

Non Pro Pics photo 22Non Pro Pics photo 23

 Non Pro Pics photo 24Non Pro Pics photo 25Non Pro Pics photo 26Non Pro Pics photo 27Non Pro Pics photo 28Non Pro Pics photo 29


 Non Pro Pics photo 30Non Pro Pics photo 31

Non Pro Pics photo 32Non Pro Pics photo 33Non Pro Pics photo 34 Non Pro Pics photo 35Non Pro Pics photo 36 

Non Pro Pics photo 37Non Pro Pics photo 38Non Pro Pics photo 39Non Pro Pics photo 40

Non Pro Pics photo 41Non Pro Pics photo 42Non Pro Pics photo 43Non Pro Pics photo 44