Oct 28, 2012

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Well lol here goes. Maynot be what I am supposed to write.... I am 27, 28 in January. I met Chris in June 2009, we moved in together in September 2009, we bought a house in May 2010 and we were engaged by the August 2010!

I met Chris online! (shock horror) but we like to think to are both normal people lol. I moved about 40 mile away from my parents, but thankfully Chirs's family are great and I get on so well with his mum :) I do try and speak to my parents 2/3 times a week tho.

We plan to get married in October 2012 in Las Vegas, at this time we are just waiting for flights to come out before we can book a date. We then plan to honeymoon in Mexico or somewhere where we can get an internal flight.

We dont have any children, we have a mad dog called Spike who is an American Bulldog (dont get one, very hard work) erm will leave it here for now till I know if I am writting the right stuff.