Dec 30, 2012

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Sooo...I am hoping to hold both my ceremony and reception at my church. I really really want to get married in a church as opposed to a banquet hall, butI also want to have two distinct looks between the ceremony and the reception. Right now I am waiting to see if my date is available and if they will be willing to do two different set ups for me.  Here's a pic of a wedding/reception they had there a year or so ago:


Another option:

 Wrightman Chapel & Event Room


Hi there! So I'm back with a new wedding date.  We are going to have our wedding at hubby's church. (Sorry no pics yet)

And the reception at a restaurant/lounge downtown (it was decorated for another event in the photo below):




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Ok here we go:

Thoughts on My Dream Wedding:

God's presence

Thoughts on My Dream Reception:

Mucho Dancing


Onyx, Blanc & Platinum

lol I kid I kid, black white and silver lol

 Onyx, White, Merlot

My FI chose Merlot for the accent color.  He is SO proud of himself (I am too :) It's basically burgundy, but Merlot makes us sound fancy ;) 

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The Story of Us photo 1The Story of Us photo 2

Hello brides!!! I'm SO excited to be back on Project Wedding.  I say 'back' because this ain't my first day at the races! lol  My FI and were engaged first in November 2009.  We were knee deep in wedding planning when we decided to take a step back, reevaluate etc.  Lonng story short we are happily back together, engaged, and getting married on July 7, 2012! I am so excited! Over the past year we have both grown a great deal.  We also changed the direction of our relationship so that it is now focused on God and building our relationships with Him first.  That includes praying and studying the Bible together and really being open and honest with each other about our feelings, dreams, and desires.  The road we have taken has not been lined with fragrant roses, but it has made us stronger and more purposeful about building a relationship and marriage that is God centered.  We are the better for it and our love for each other grows deeper each day. We were truly designed for each other and are ecstatic about starting our new lives together.

How We Met

We first met when FI interviewed for a position at the non-proft I was working at. He was cute and super nervous, but so ambitious and passionate about working with at risk youth (scoring him major cool points). Though we were impressed with him we ended up going with another candidate.  Fast forward a year or so later FI asks me if I would serve as his Internship supervisor for his Masters program.  I already had my masters and was working at the sister agency of the organization he would be interning for. We had seen each other 2-3 times around town since the interview and he always seemed annoyed or terribly shy. I honestly couldn't tell if he was harboring a burning secret crush or hated my guts lol.  I said yes and so it began.

About two months into his internship FI and I were in the middle of one of our weekly supervision meetings.  However, this time was different.  We somehow began talking about trips and travel. I started talking about a recent business trip to New York and for SOME reason I could not stop blushing and giggling and smiling. It was the weirdest thing. I'm sure it didn't help that he was looking at me from his seat across from my desk like he was seeing me for the first time.  He then began talking about his plans to move to the East Coast and open this phenomenal community center (more cool points).  He followed by, " Would you like to come and save the world with me?"   I actually sat there and thought about it looked him straight in the eye and said, "Okay."

Sooo I just agreed to leave all and follow this INTERN halfway across the country to 'save the world'.  LOL ...I shoulda known then.

Anyhoo a few weeks later FI sends me a text asking me if I want to attend a fundraiser with him.  I can't tell if this is a date or some kind of 'courtesy work' invite, but to be safe I said no.  First of all, this man was 3.5 years younger than me and my intern.  Thereafter he asked me out four more times and each time the answer was NO.  I was getting my Michelle Obama (and Nancy Reagan I guess) and just saying NO to dating my intern lol.  He eventually wore me down though lol. Our first date ended up being dinner and a long walk around campus...

The rest as they say is history (and I'm tired of typing lol).  FI first proposed in Paris in front of the River Seine :) The pics above are from our trip to Paris.  The second proposal was very intimate at the river walk in our town at 1:30 in the morning! It was very impromptu and romantic. We are obsessed with rivers/lakes/oceans.  Both proposals were perfect and romantic. I truly have the most romantic, supportive, and loving man on the planet. :)

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Our Rehearsal Dinner Invites photo 1