Nov 13, 0010

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We were not happy with the quality of the photos or the video. I would not recommend AVR Photography.
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AVR Photography
AVR-Photography STRONGLY disagrees with this review...

Kate & Jonathans wedding was spectacular...The Photography shoot was A+... AVR arrived at 4:30pm at the Kirkbrae CC to do preliminary formals prior to the Ceremony...The arrival time was suggested by the BRIDE & GROOM......The BRIDE & GROOM Finally showed up at 5PM...That gave me 20 Minutes to pull off WEDDING Party Formals....The shoot came out Spectacular Considering the Time restraints....Coverage went to 12 Mid night....a total of 975 Pictures were Posted....All Spectacular.... ......Kate & Jonathan have received the Picture Files on DVD ( Released )

The Video coverage was from 4:30pm to 12 Mid night....At 11:55pm Kate & Jonathan were introduced for the Last Dance..At that time we inserting tape 4 in to Video Camera...Latter during editing we notice TAPE 4 was defective causing the footage to be scrambled at multiple points in the 4mins of coverage of last dance.....For proof I mailed a copy of the Tape 4 footage (Total of 4 Minutes ) to Kate and Jonathan for Proof....AVR went above an beyond to created a Special Slow Motion montage of the Wedding day and includind a scene of their last dance to end the video...The Ending montage came out great..... ....It was so great it will be used as a DEMO......We have posted the Video
our Website.... We also offered an UPGRADE from 45 pictures to 70 pictures of their Wedding Album in consolation for the Final Dance......... Kate & Jonathan still owe me $200 Dollars They have not received an album as of today 1-2-2011

Kate received 1hr DVD of Ceremony ....1hr .30 Min Video of Reception.... Above is Condense version

We encourage to past this link in your bowser to View Kate & Jonathans Pictures & Video...
Paul AVR Owner