Oct 12, 2012

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We have 4 people on the bride's side and 5 on the grooms side:

Maid of honor: Jenna, we've know each other since I was 8 and she was about 2. We always stuck together since we both were raised with brothers. We made a pack that she would be my maid of honor and I would be hers. We've had our ups and downs, fights and good times but in the end she's like a little sister to me and I'm like a big sister to her.

Bridesmaids: Jaime, I've known since I was 14. She dated my brother and even though he's gone she is the only one who stayed around. She's helped me achieve so many things and reminds me I deserve the best. She's the big sister I never had but am very blessed to have her. She is engaged to her fiances Tim Hardziej and they  have two little girls Mahkayla is 5 (flowergirl) and Paige is 2. Erin, I met through my fiancé after we started dating. She a very driven women and full of success, she's happily married to her high school sweetheart. She's highly involved in her church and loves guiding young adults girls in the word of god. Rachelle, we met back in grade school but didn't really start hanging out til about 6th grade when we both got our first boyfriend. She has a beautician license and hair salog in northern Michigan with her high school sweetheart perusing the purchase of their first home.

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl: Mahkayla is the daughter of Jaime Bell and Tim Hardziej, she is 5 years old and enjoys playing outside, on the computer, school, and spending time with her mom, dad, and baby sister Paige who is 2. Mahkayla refers to me as her Aunt Mimi. Christopher is the son of Amber and Bryan Pearl, he is 4 years old and love to help daddy fix and repair things, he also enjoys playing with his baby brother Dillan is 1. I am so excited to see the two of them together all dressed up it's going to be the cutest thing.

Best Man: Colin, is Kyle's younger brother and has always been there for Kyle through almost everything. He's a hard worker, entertaining, and great sense of humor.

Groomsmen: Chris, is my older brother who has shown me what life is all about when it throws challenges in you life. Though he's in a wheel chair it doesn't stop him from living a day to day life and living it to the fullest. Chris M, is a childhood from back when Kyle was a boy. These two did everything together including get into lots of trouble (J/K). He's definitely your outdoors man, who would rather be out hunting or fishing then cooped up in the house, he's dating Tiffany Pray and they have a aborable little boy named Blake. Danny, is a pharmaceutical tech and pursuing him bachelors degree through Wayne State. He met Kyle through church during youth group and is married to his high school sweetheart Erin (bridesmaid).Lastly there is Alex, he's definitely a character of many personalities. He loves doing puns to just about everything you say. He's the type of friend that no matter what kind of day your having he can always put a smile on your face or a chuckel in your belly.


We love all the people we have picked and even though I had emence drama on my side it still turned out for the best in the end and we have a great bridal party that has been there for us through think and thin.



I've add the vendors that I have gone through under my fav vendors but since alot of my vendors are not under the list and I feel it is important to have them apart of this biography I have decided to add their information incase anyone would like to use them

Ceremony Location: Charter Township of Shelby Parks, Recreation and Maintence 52700 Van Dyke Ave. There is a small chapel set back by the police station that once sat on the west side of 24 and Van Dyke Ave. back when my parents got married in 1987. This chapel is a historical landmark and was built in 1890s.

Limo Service: Since my brother is in a wheelchair I felt is was extremely important that if we decided to get a limo that he would be able to get in it with the rest of the bridal party. I search for I can't tell you how long, until my dad who is a retired DJ called me and said he found a party bus through a old friend he used to work with named Tim. I gave time a call and explained the situation, we set up a time and my dad and I drove out to Waterford, MI to take a look at this bus. To our surprise it just wasn't any bus it was a 32 passanger sports premier party bus with the whole works including a hydralic wheelchair lift and tie-downs for his chair. Needless to say our limo will be provided by DJ Supply in Waterford, Mi through their limo company.

Florist (baquets, center pieces and bountairs): Is being provided by Affordable Affairs Wedding and Party Design, in Clinton Twp, Mi on Garfield and Canal. Susan from the very beginning understood that my fiance and I were on a budget, she worked with us to get exactly what we were looking for at a price we could afford. She's been so great from the start.

Photography: I knew from the beginning that having a photographer wasn't going to be cheap, so I asked for referrals from my close friend who already got married. My friend Jessica who I grew up with on the same street recommened a girl names Tracy who did alot of photos of her kids. So I looked her up on facebook and emailed her to get a quote and she was exactly what we were looking for. She's a modern photography and really knows how to connect with people. Check out her work on her website: http://www.tracyannphotography.com/

Wedding Cake: My friend Danny and Erin got married in June of 2011 and had an amazing cake so I didn't even think twice about looking any where else. Not only was their cake beautiful but it was delicious. Our wedding cake design I found online and couldn't imagine anything else. Her name is Cande and her website is www.candescakes.com. She is super sweet and works out of her home (believe me I was nervous too but she has sample cakes for you to look at and she even make sample cupcakes for you to try and frosting too, my fav which I might at was her cookies and cream fillling YUMMY).

Bump in the Road:

Through all this planning of the wedding my family was hit in May with some very sad news, my grandmother who is 75 was diagnose with stage 4 Lung Cancer. To be honest I didn't think much of it because she had breast cancer before and beat that so why not this, until my mom told me they couldn't operate and she may not have long depending on how the chemo goes. They couldn't do radiation because it was too spread through out her body and with radiation it has to be generalized in one location. She took one chemo treatment and couldn't take anymore, she made the desicion to have quantity of life with her family not quality. We held my bridal shower on Aug 5th 2012 and I held my breath because I so badly wanted my grandma to be there and she was in a nursing home getting better so she could come home and wasn't sure if she was feeling up too it. I stood in the view of the door way and saw my grandma with her walking, walking very gingerly toward the doorway and into the room where everyone was seated. I let out a slight sigh and went up to her and gave her a hug and wanted to cry. My grandma stood by and took care of me when I was going through my case of cancer back in 2009-2010 and now I had to watch her fight a similar battle. She is an amazing person and stronger then anyone I know, I pray every day that she will make it to October 12th for her only grandchilds wedding. She was there when I picked out my dress and veil and I hope she'll be there when I have it one as I enter through the church doors. I love you grandma and you are my hero.

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My fiancé and I met in 2010 on a online website, plentyoffish.com. I was going through cancer treatment and wasn't really taking it serious until we started chatting. After a few emails I decided to tell him about the cancer and my seizures (which by the way is gone and no more seizures) since it became an issue in a previous relationship and all he said was "yeah so your point?" talk about a shocker. We discovered we were exactly 364 days about ( mine is April 11 and he is April 10 but a year difference) and we liked a lot of the same stuff. So we met up at a local area had burger and fries, bowled, and sat around a firepit asking each other questions. Ever since then we've been in separable.