Oct 13, 2013

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My new fiance and I, having just been engaged over the holidays, are still very new and have very few things decided.  I, of course, have been "planning" my wedding for years, having been a long time lurker on many (many!) wedding blogs and sites, and so have a few ideas for us, but have yet to speak with him about them.

Ideas for the event thus far:

--We picked out a date:  13 October 2013  (2012 was going to be WAY too busy to accomodate planning and sanity)

--Approx 50ish people, consisting of close family and a few friends (that's a very rough number)

--Will take place in eastern Maryland, and I'm mostly looking at waterfront venues

--Budget?  No idea, really.  I've informed him that ~25k is the average wedding cost, so we'll probably try and stay in the high teens maybe?  Neither one of us is "frugal" per se, but we're not ones to throw our money around too much either

--Theme:  rustic, DIY; I'm no modern/neon lights/white dance floor/Miami-dance-club bride, and so it will likely have a rustic, DIY, outdoorsy vibe to go w/ our (hopefully!) waterfront venue


About us:

--We're both active duty military, moving to the MD area over the next six months

--With moving, officially living together for the first time, and a required professional military course at the end of the summer (8 wks long) for both of us, we've decided to push off the event till we can devote more time to it