Oct 06, 2012

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Inspiration Boards photo 1

 I already have the blue cobalt cube vases....I want white hydrangea and green succulents for the tables.  I may spray paint my own votive holders...though not sure yet.




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Save the dates finally arrived, and they came out perfect!  I took an antique looking picture frame, spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint, then wrote in our names and the date (took forever btw...I didn't realize they made "chalkboard pens" at the time".  Then we took the frame with us, and incorporated it into our Engagement Pic session.  I uploaded the picture onto Vista Prints website (which has the best deals) and downloaded the backside of the postcard from who has a great DIY section!  I bought a caligraphy pen at Michael's to write in all the addresses, then all I will have to do is put postage on them, and pop them in the mail!

Save the Dates photo 1

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The girls finally received their bridesmaids dresses....the Victoria's Secret Multi-way in Cobalt.  The Shoes are by RSVP in Pewter....Here is one of my beautiful bridesmaids, Kristine, modeling the dress for me :)



Bridesmaids Dresses and Shoes photo 1

 Bridesmaids Dresses and Shoes photo 2


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Our photographer, Fawn @Sequins and Candy Photography had us meet her at Lake Hodges (inland San Diego) to shoot in a row boat on the lake!  It was an amazing day!  And my fiance and I absolutely love the picutures.  It was a sunny beautiful spring-ish afternoon, we pretty much had the lake to ourselves save a few local fisherman. We live less than two blocks from the Beach so we wanted to do something different than the typical beach engagement shoot.  This was just perfect! It was special and intimate...the way it should be!

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03/14/2012 at 03:59 pm

I wasn't sure how the dress shopping was going to play out.  I have an "interesting" family dynamic to put it gently.  So I thought it best to go with a few girlfiends so it wouldn't be a big ordeal!  I was 99% sure that I wanted an Essence of Austrailia gown, and had selected a few styles to try on.  I knew what I wanted in my head, but trying them on was a different story.  I kept an open mind, and didn't force myself to stay with one particular type.  I ended up choosing the 4th dress that I tried on.  When the bridal consultant was lacing the back up I had this feeling of excitement that this may be "the dress"  and when I walked out my friends confirmed my feelings!  It was a fun experience, and a great day!  I can't wait to get the dress in my size and walk down the aisle!!

The Dress photo 1

The Dress photo 2

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I really couldn't be more excited!  Even though our wedding isn't until October 6th, we already have so much accomplished!

We have our venue booked!

We have our photographer booked, who will be taking our engagement shots at the end of this month! (She has been featured on the website

We have our catering booked! Miho who is a staple in the San Diego gourmet food truck community also does amazing catering!!  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

My bridesmaids have their dresses, and shoes.  I'm now shopping for jewelry as their gifts.  My fiance on the otherhand is dragging his feet in that dept....

I am now in midst of collecting items for decor and planning out my centerpieces.  I have an inspiration board that describes the general idea. 

I am also debating getting a photo booth as something fun for our guests to do :) 

Next on the list....DRESS SHOPPING!