Jul 21, 2012

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1. My actual wedding card box and pretty close to what I wanted, it's in the mail, my soon to be sister in law ordered it for me from etsy! - Check

Update 6/14/2012 - Received confirmation that it shipped, should be here soon! ...arrived on 6/19/2012!!

Inspirations Coming to Life photo 1

2. Wedding website is up, horray!!! It is better than what I imaged. Family/friends chipped in with the bios and I uploaded epics, old pics and information for our guest, it really looks good.

3. DIY pomanders in black. I may do ivory instead.

4. DIY lace covered candles.

 5. Photobook for guest sign in ordered from Shutterfly with a deal I received from Living Social, I love that site! It came in the mail, absolutely in love with this book -Check

 6. If you are serious about weight loss, just do some online research on healty eating, nutrition and exercise and you can do this on your own, be your own personal trainer, motivate yourself. I started really working the week after X-mas 2011, I went from 164lbs to 146 lbs as of May 9. My goal is 140 lbs or to fit in my dress comfortably, my first fitting will be around May 31, 2012 when the dress is scheduled to come in. Almost a check! Update 6/14/2012: I am officially 141 lbs.

7. Ordered the personalized napkins, matches and ribbons, I got them from website on 6/14/2012, there is a special that one of the PW brides posted on the board, $19 off. I plan to use the ribbons that say thank you around the miniature rum bottles I have. I've decided not to buy bags for the miniature rum bottles, I see it as a waste of money to spend that kind of money for 150 bags that will be thrown away.

8. Got the black vases, one of my friends found some nice vases at Walmart...almost impossible to find black vases on a budget...all of the thrift stores have glass. DOC will do the flower saved, all I have to do is place the order for the flowers. Update 6/20/2012: found a beautiful large black vase at ROSS today that I plan to use for our place cards table. And hired Flowers To Go Miami to help w/flower arrangements, I realized it will be 2 much 4 planner. 


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Here goes, I purchased the invitations from Michael's and attempting to print today (didn't end up printing until 5/6/2012, too many changes took place that I had to accommodate). I have been looking at so many websites for inspiration. Finally I saw this design from someone on weddingbee, I downloaded this font from and combined it with Times New Roman, I then downloaded the template from the website on the invitation and started typing and I played around with spacing. I plan to add this black lace ribbon to the envelopes, I tried ivory but everyone says the black looks better since the envelope is ivory. The invitation itself is already busy enough, the lace didn't look good around it. I'm just getting started, getting to the print phase was hard enough, operation assembly and website is next. What do you think about the language, and what do you think I need to add to the invitation to make it look better, if any? Also do you think the by invite only is tack? Any thoughts on the language on the invitation?


DIY Invitation and Website photo 1My initial purchase 2 months ago.


DIY Invitation and Website photo 2

UPDATE: I gave up on designing my own website, too much stress, I couldn't everything in place and I need to get information out to people already. Believe me give yourself enough time to work on these projects, it can take its toll. Well thank you PW, I just pulled one of the templates that looked like my invitation design!!!! Surprised I even found this design there but glad I did, I could not change it to black but no biggie, not stressing over that. The good news, FI loves the color blue and I didn't incorporate into the wedding so there he gets the wedding website with the color he likes. I'm not going to stress over the fact that the color is blue even though I want it black....letting it go! Well, another update on 4/17, I ended up changing the design to an ivory and gold. My daughter said the blue was too strong and not in line w/my color palette. Honestly don't stress over everything, at the end of the day ppl don't even see the behind the scene activity. Glad I changed it, looks better!

2nd UPDATE: Finally printed! See below. And the website is up,


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We took some professional engagement photos this past Monday (felt like a mini date), they said it will take 2-3 weeks to get, I can hardly wait!! I plan to DIY our hardcover sign in/well wish booklet for guest to sign during the reception via Shutterfly. I plan to use the e-pics for the booklet. 

UPDATE - OMG, Our engagement photos look amazing if I do say so myself, and I am so thankful for losing the 16 pounds because I would have looked like a hot mess!!!! Photos by Image First. I'm getting some 4X6 sized prints of the engagement photos (a mix) from Shutterfly printed and will insert in frames, so that each table has a picture frame of us on the table, see mock centerpiece.




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I was thinking we would omit the favors/gifts to guest but I may include red velvet cupcakes (my friend gave as favors to her engagement party last year and they were to die for), but I thought just giving a cupcake was kind of corny from my perspective. Recently, I read Crystal's (msxtal's) bio and reviewed the pics from her fabulous wedding and noticed that her and her new husband's background are of Haitian decent, they were both born in Haiti. I wanted to include my Haitian culture in some way but didn't really know how to include until I saw her bio, then it hit me, I too would try to get the Barbancourt Haitian Rum to provide as favors. This is really important to me because my FI's Nigerian culture is very strong and will be well/heavily represented in our wedding however with me being born in the US and very Americanized in a sense, I really wanted to find a way to recognize my parents heritage. Many Haitians I know always tease me in saying that I'm a nonHaitian which I don't find funny but I laugh it off, so I really wanted to find a way to include. So thank you Crystal for the inspiration.

So the search began, how do I find over 100 bottles of Barbancourt after readying Crystal's message which notes that the factory where produced in Haiti was damaged during the earthquake to the point where the cellars were destroyed. Well,  I started to reach out to all of my contacts who travel to Haiti frequently and received some positive responses to my request for assistance.....and today one of the members on a board that I sit on was able to get 12 miniature bottles for me, so 12 down, 108 to go, wish me luck!

Update: I found all of them, a good friend from high school flew into Haiti w/her family and ended up getting me the six cases that helped me reach 144!!


Favors My Haitian Culture photo 1

Update 7/10/2012: Our 2nd set of favors are in, FI's mom ordered mugs as a gift to guest from her family, and I decided to go w/blue since it's FI's favorite color to add elements of him throughout the wedn in some sort of way. I used one of the monogram designs that my friend created for us. I love them!


Updated 12/5/2012, this is how it turned out on the table.


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He wants to select but I'm going to stear him in the right direction with some of my choices and ideas. But I've decided to let him decide from the selections.


Monogrammed hankerchief for groom (lace) and non mongrammed hanky for the rest of the guys.

All About the Groom photo 1All About the Groom photo 2All About the Groom photo 3 visit

All About the Groom photo 4All About the Groom photo 5All About the Groom photo 6All About the Groom photo 7All About the Groom photo 8


Update 7/3/2012: FI went to Men's Wearhouse w/his best man and decided on their attire, then I went w/him to create the order. The tux is a Wilke-Rodriguez Two Button on Black Satin. I also went with Embroider instead of The Lace Shop since their hankerchief's were better priced. I also opted not to get FI a lace since it seemed a little girly, instead I got him a beautiful linen and got the women lace instead.


Update 9/11/2012: Here is the groom's best man and brother, a shout out 2 both groomsmen!

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Hair Options Looking to Add Extensions photo 2Hair Options Looking to Add Extensions photo 3

Hair Options Looking to Add Extensions photo 4Hair Options Looking to Add Extensions photo 5

Possible Wedding Styles - Looking to Add Extensions


Possible Wedding Makeup Style

Looking to do something vibrant with my eyes but very natural for the wedding and for the reception I will replace lipstick with my cherry jubalee. 

But I love the way Stacey Dash's makeup looks, I am going for something natural like this with hints of lavender, pink and so forth for that girly look.

Update 6/20/2012: I found my wedn day hairstyle.

Update 7/10/2012: I have had some many different hair styles I have been in love with, but it seems like I'm all over the place with it. I would definitely say, do a hair trial if you can, you may like a style that doesn't go nice on your face or suite you well. Well this is what happened with the picture above w/Jennifer Williams. I had a trial and it didn't look good on me, so I am changing it up (see pic of KK below, I am thinking of long soft curls, to something similar to my engagement photo, but since my hair is not as long of full as this pic, I will add extensions). And it takes lots of money to have to keep going to different ppl to see if they can replicate a style for you, so pick something beautiful and do your research on stylist, one that is professional and will be on time.