Jul 21, 2012

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Possible dresses, this is the hardest decision. My style seems to be classic elegance but the more and more I look at dresses, I'm wondering if I am going too plain. I don't want to just buy a dress to be on the safe side, I want to buy a dress that looks good on me but that also says wedding dress not a dress I can wear for an event. If you have a chance let me know which one you like.

Eve - Maggie Sottero

Courtney - Maggie Sottero (I loved this dress on, but didn't make me feel like a bride)

Possible Wedn Dresses photo 1Possible Wedn Dresses photo 2

Eve: Maggie Sottero (this dress was big on me and didn't look anything like I expected it 2)

Possible Wedn Dresses photo 3

Cindy: can't find in the store

Possible Wedn Dresses photo 4

A few others I tried on earlier on around December 2011:

a lace number - another designer

This dress search was not easy, but I found her. Her name is Dakota, she is from the 2009 collection of Enzoani. It's made with alencon lace.

I FOUND MY DRESS!-She is reshaping my decoration decor.

not sure if I will add a sash w/crystal to match shoes

 ivory lace fan ivory lace umbrella

I found these beautiful earrnings on PW bride's page, WINKLKR. DENISE - Romantic Long Dangling Crystal Rhinestone and Pearl Chandelier Earrings off of Etsy


Update 5/15/2012: I got a call from the bridal consultant Cheryl at Patricia South Bridal and my dress is in!!!!!!! I am scheduled to go try it on this upcoming Thursday, super super excited!

Updated 6/20/2012: Decided not to get the Studio Jewelry earrings for $70 plus shipping and ended up finding some nice dangling earrings at TJMaax for $24.99, I just need to find a bracelet to match it and I'm done with jewelry and accessories w/the exception of the mermaid slip that I need and possibly a bra but I won't know until after fitting this Friday. I also picked up a sash from David's Bridal this past Sunday for $59.99, I just can't see myself spending $300 to $400 on a sash, all of the one's I am in love w/are this price, but not happening.

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Holy Family Catholic Church, our ceremony site. The Doubletree Ocean Point is where our out of towners will be staying, a very nice hotel, will give them beach access and have a piece of what us Miamiams get to enjoy year round. We were thinking of having the wedding at this location, but we found a venue that is half the cost. I'm going to DIY my OOT gift bags.

Update on 4/30/12, both FI and I were confirmed by Bishop Wenski on 4/29/12, this is one step closer to our union!

Church and Out of Town Lodging Hotel photo 1

We are having to make some changes, guest can no longer stay at the Doubletree Ocean Point Resort, I tried to get rooms blocked but they don't have many left. Therefore we are getting some blocked rooms at the Marenas and if we get enough rooms booked, we get some freebees!!! Although we are not having the reception here, it will be a nice place to stay at, the hotel is beautiful so I am sure the photographer will be able to get us some pretty good pictures.



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Main colors: Black and ivory. Chivari chairs in gold and some bling bling/silver accents. Invitations will be ivory and black, I will use a paleyellowand the red cherry jubilee somewhere some how as my pop color.

Colors photo 1Colors photo 2Colors photo 3

Accent colors: a pale yellow (buttercup or sunflower) and cherry jubilee (this is the closest I could find). My flowers will be ivory and the pale yellow. UPDATE: I might remove the cherry jubilee, no one is feeling it. I may just wear the lipstick for the reception and then add the pop through my wedding favor, I was thinking of having red velvet minicupcakes as a favor if the miniature bottles of rum from Haiti as favors does not work out (Rhum Barbancourt), this was an idea I got from a PW bride now wife. After the Earthquake in Haiti the area that produces the rum was in ruins, so working on some of my contacts to see if they can help me w/this, great way to incorporate my families ancestory since the Nigeria element from my FI's side will be so much at the for front. Our guest list is 66% FI and 34% my side so definitely want to bring some American and Haitian elements in the mix.


Colors photo 4Colors photo 5

Update 8/1/2012: I kept all my colors and incorporated throughout the wedding either through decoration,s clothing, attire etc. during either the first day w/the traditional ceremony or 2nd day church/reception.

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Wedding Reception Site Options photo 1Wedding Reception Site Options photo 2Wedding Reception Site Options photo 3

The first few picturs is at the Marenas Beach Resort & Spa in Miami, this site can accommodate up to 110 persons. I like this location because it's where our guest will be staying, so would be great to have the reception at the same venue where guest will be staying.

Wedding Reception Site Options photo 4


Wedding Reception Site Options photo 5

This 2nd site is a ballroom (the last 2 photos), its the Renaissance Ballroom, I love the chandeliers. This site is half the price of the resort hotel above, but not in the area I want to be in.

What do you think?

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My color pattern will be black and ivory as my main colors, I will use a hint of this cherry jubilee lipstick that I love so much, its by Avon (would you believe they discontinued it!!!!) along w/a pale yellow as accent colors to wake it all up...there will be hints of silver and gold, I'm getting chiavari chairs in gold (these chairs are not the most comfortable but they are beautiful), this will probably be the only gold I have. And lots of candles, black vases & I need to find ways to incorporate lace.

Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 1Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 2Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 3Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 4

Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 6Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 7Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 8Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 9Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 10

Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 11Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 12Reception Inspiration Ideas photo 13

Update: I visited Berkeley Florist today (5/11/12), popular florist in the Miami area selling flowers and supplies, and it was like I was in heaven. It's like my inspiration came to life, but my gosh on the prices. Source, my camera.

For the sweet heart table, I'm thinking something like this, while the tables throughout the room will have an ivory color, the plain linen that comes with the facility, not sure I want to upgrade for 15 tables, I have to see what the budget is looking like with all these extras, but at least our table and the cake table can stand out.

Update 6/22/2012:Reception decor is coming together, this is my mock decor for the tables and room, I worked on it last night. There will be a tall vase and the small cubic vase....for the reception I will have small black cubic vases instead of the clear. I ordered the small black vases from ABC Glasswear from their website and the tall vases I found at Walmart and Michael's (what a search for black vases). And 2nd/3rd photo represents some items I plan to get at Michael's or Pier 1.

Wow, saw this pic and had to post, in love w/this look, but not sure how this will fit w/me, but love the mix of gold and silver.


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I'm in love with lace, so I want to find a way to incorporate lace in my invitations, this is an idea of what I would like to replicate. If you have any ideas, let me know.

And now that I am including in the invitations, I'm finding ways to incorporate throughout the wedding. I am going to get lace hankerchiefs for the groom, BM, his brothers, my brother n laws and the little boys, but for FI I will get his initials on them and whatever else to make his more special...I am looking for an ivory color. My dress is an ivory lace so I will look for table linen similar to my dress, one for our sweetheart table and one for the cake table and for the remaining tables we will use a plain ivory in order to not overkill the lace. I may use the lace around the candle holders and some of the flower arrangements.

Now that I found the dress (an ivory colored lace), my entire thought process on the look has changed a bit, the lace will be impactful but colors that I thought would be impactful will have to take a back seat.

Update 7/3/2012: Bringing a little lace to life, purchased lace garter and wrapping votive candles w/lace. I also purchased lace hankerchief's as gifts for the women family members who have been so helpful, my side and FI's in addition to my girls! 

 Ideas for Invitations In Love w Lace photo 1


Update 12/5/2012, I used lace whereever I could. Both of my dresses were of lace, also all of the hanky's made as gifts and mine had lace, I had a lace fan and used the lace embroidered ivory paper I found to print the signage throughout the wedding. Also, the traditional attire wore by the women on the groom's family side were of lace fabric, it was really nice.