Jul 21, 2012

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I'm so in love with these shoes (chrisitan louboutin sexy strass), I think I am either going to wear the black or the white......let's see.


Wedding Shoes photo 1Wedding Shoes photo 2


UPDATE: I really do love the sexy strass above, but most of the stores don't have because its from an older collection, many store reps said the shoe sold out in 3 days. So my sis and I went shopping, registry and browsing this weekend and saw a few beauty's. I like the Valentino pinkish lace while my sister loved the Louboutins. She wants me to make a statement with the shoes but I want something that I can also wear again. Funny eveyone is saying no to the black but sis is screaming yes, I think I will break this up, I think I should leave the black for the other events and wear something nice and elegant with the dress, something timeless like me!

 Another update 4/30: I saw these and I like them as well, another Valentino.


And I purchased these below as a backup in the event I don't get what I want. It's not my first choice but it compliments the decor and will look nice w/the ivory. But it really all comes down to budget now, I got these for less than $100 and everything else I am in love with is $800 to $3k, so I have to see what makes sense, Valentino pumps or DOC? Ivanka Trump Shoes, Natalia 2 Evening Sandals


Update 5/17 - After all my back and forth about shoes, when I finally tried on the dress, my family and I realized that I would have to wear something really low, like a one inch or flats. Therefore, I decided that I am going to wear flats, so looking for something to wear, any suggestions let me know. So I am going to return the Ivanka Trump Shoes.

Update 5/24 - I know I have no business with an update on this subject, but I attended this Stiletto Dash event at Bloomingdale's today for a charity and started to browse in the shoe department. And what I discovered is that I really would like to buy some sandals that for the wedding for pictures and so forth that I can wear again and not just have for the wedding day. I think most of the looks above are stuff I won't wear again often and overly expensive, but this beauty was a pretty penny as well but at least I can rock my pedicure. It is 4 inches so probably can't wear to walk down the aisle but I will wear it during my bridal shower and for picture purposes during wedding. Plus 10% of the proceeds went to charity. Update: 8/4/12, call me the indecisive bride because I ended up trying on the shoes w/the dress and thought I was too tall, I'm almost 5'8 and hubby is 5'11, and I didn't want to be taller than him, so I returned the show and ended up wearing a pair of heels I bought a year ago that I never wore, it was a champange colored shoe that matched by MOH dresses perfectly.


Update 12/8/12: The shoes I ended up wearing. It was a pair of shoes I purchased over 2 years ago that I never had anything to wear w/and then I realized how I had something in my closet when I was showing one of my BM's, so I decided I would just wear this, it was wonderful.

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My name is Gerri and my fiance is Stephen, and our wedding date is set for July 21, 2012. 

I was born and raised in Miami, while Stephen is a native of Nigeria. We have been together for 5 1/2 years (would you believe we met in a club) and by the time we get married it will be shy one month of our sixth anniversary (yeah, about time). I'm an accountant and Stephen is a civil engineer, the bad thing about this is that we are both self employed, believe me when your planning a wedding and a future together, this is not the greatest since it's up and down, but the good thing is that there is a lot of flexibility. A little about us, I'm a workaholic, more out going but a little hint of conservatism. I love to travel (my profile picture, that's me recently during my trip to Lisboa, Portugal), work hard/play hard, while Stephen is very easy going, down to earth, loves kids  has his moody moments; and a home body (he is made to be a family man), which is why I love him so much, but I'm going to infect him w/my love of traveling. I've been working on that, and rather than take one honeymoon, I am going to schedule 4 honeymoon trips during our first year of marriage, one every quarter, if we can do more I will. I already have one booked, I just purchased a 5 day 4 night stay at Negril Treehouse one of my friends property in Negril, Jamaica, good for up to one year off of LivingSocial, can't wait!    

I am in Miami right now and the weather is perfect, one of the luxuries of living here, which is why we are tying the knot in Miami. At least half of our guest list will be out of towners, so keeping it here is a good idea because it will be a great wedding destination for our guest as well, which is important to us. If you have any thoughts, ideas, tips or guidance on how to plan a spectacular wedding without breaking the bank in such a short period of time, please share, because I would love to hear from you. I am a little bit overwhelmed, I attribute this to the fact that the only planning done thus far is securing the ceremony site (Holy Family Catholic Church) and officiant, and my fiance has been out of the country and will not return until February 2012 (he's here now!!!). This does not leave us with a lot of time to plan this fabulous and spectacular wedding by July and within budget.   

Good luck with your planning ladies and please share with me on ideas on how to have this wedding in Miami by July!

I figured out my style, it's got to be a classic elegance type feel but with a little twist, not sure how to get that but working on that now. I don't want to get to much into a theme because I am not that creative or crafty and seems like to much work, but I was thinking along the lines of incorporating East meets West to symbolize, US/Haitian meeting Nigerian/African, a way to include our culture, where our parents are from without it looking tacky with a bunch of flag colors. Right now, I'm trying to work on how to incorporate this. (Most of my profile is private, just send me a friend request and I will add you on, thanks!).