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Jul 21, 2012

130x130 sq 1338060198526 renaissancecflad4
( 2.2 / 5.0 )
After looking at many venues throughout Miami we settled on this venue because it included everything we needed for an affordable price. The venue includes open bar, cake, cocktail hour, black tie attire, and DJ services. I will say that the experience was sometimes good and sometimes bad.

The price was great but I wish I would have started looking and researching for venues way before hand so I would not have been in a tight situation to have to book somewhere so quickly. I really did think that the ballroom in room A at this location had beautiful looking chandeliers if this is what you like. The cake was tasty, the staff allowed us to drop stuff off early, they allowed us to bring in some of our own food from our culture and helped with set up. However, I did have a day of coordinator which I thought was necessary to have someone execute my vision and look out for my interest when I was not available.

The downside is that sometimes I felt like there was a hint of an attitude which perplexed me when you think about the money you are spending with the venue for one evening, I felt at times it appeared as if they were doing me a favor when in fact it was the opposite way around, I was bringing business. Also, I didn't like the fact that you don't get to communicate with the DJ until the week of the event on a Thursday, and the response time when you do contact the DJ is very unprofessional. After several failed attempts, my then finance had to rush to meet w/the DJ at noon to go over the music the day of the wedding and we were get married at the church at 3:30pm. Also, the rice was not good for the dinner selection. We had to pay for the tasting, and during this time I informed them that the rice was toooooo salty but during the reception, it was still tooooo salty. To offer guest more than 1 selection, there was an additional cost of $5 per person. There was a additional cost for adding more guest 2 weeks before the event date. I felt like they penalized you for every little thing so you were confined to some extent. To switch the cake flavor to anything other than vanilla was another fee, but the cake was good. I also didn't like the fact that there was service charge assessed on every thing, from the cost of the outside police that was mandatory to include to the renting of the chivary chairs and another fee on top of that.

As I stated, there were good and bad things about the venue, do your research first and ask as many questions up front for clarification.
Services used: Wedding Venue