Sep 27, 2014

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My girls will be wearing dresses by Bill Levkoff style number 165 in Plum.

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Inspiration for my hair, I really want something thats "convertiable" wear it up for the ceremony and then let it down for the party. Trying to find the perfect headband to go with the updo.

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Saw this on Soon2BeMrsMoody's Bio! Thought that it was neat.


How old are you both? – I'm currently 22, he's 25. I'll be 23 when were married and he'll be 26.

Do you have any pets? – We have a 2 year old Yorkie named Lilly. He gave her to me for my birthday.

Was the proposal a complete surprise? – Definitely. I had no clue.

Will the wedding guests be "balanced?" – Sure:) I did the guest list. LOL

What are some traditions you're keeping at your wedding? – Were doing a traditional Christian wedding. And at our reception were doing a Venezuelan wedding tradition called "La houra loca" (The crazy hour), where you wear crazy masks, funny glasses, etc and dance like crazy for an hour.

Are you buying his wedding band for him? – Were gonna pick it out together:)

What is one thing about your FI that drives you nuts? – His snoring!

What are you most looking forward to about being married? – Stealing his last name;)

Inside or outside? – Inside! It's to hot in Miami.

List anything you dislike. – Birds, rude people, and seafood.

How many people will be there? – 100-125.

Time of day? ­– Evening.

Any kind of theme? – No specific theme, but romantic is the feel I wanted.

How many bridesmaids? - 5 of my loves. All I've known for 6 years or more.

What kind of cake/what will it look like? – A vintage romantic feel. Or something simple with flowers.

What kind of dress will you have/color/material? – It the Maggie Sorterro Cleo in Alabaster.

What kind of flowers in your bouquet? – Roses and a few others I can't remember atm.

Kind of engagement ring?  - Vintage/antique look.

How will you wear your hair? – Down with loose curls.

Who will be important to be there? – My grandparents, my bff, his parents and sisters and hopefully his grandparents from Venezuela.

How long will you be engaged before you get married? – 1 year, 11 months, and 13 days:) Almost 2 years.

Live together before or wait till married? – We live together. Guess we did our trial run. LOL

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple? ­ –  I booked a venue that does everything for me and I just choose from the options, so I guess you could say it's simple.

Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made? – Were writing out own vows. It's way more intimate and meaningful.

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Our relationship moved rather quickly. This happened due to some issues I had with my parents, so after 3 months of dating I ended up moving in with him at his families house. A few months later after saving up we finally found our very own apartment. We were so excited. We moved in on my birthday, June 9, 2010. Our relationship was'nt perfect but we always were able to work through our issues, I mean living with someone after only dating for 3 months really makes you learn everything about each other. LOL! We talked about marriage a couple of times but I never thought he would be asking any time soon. So here's how it happend. We had just hit our 1 year anniversary on September 5th and things were going great. A couple weekends later I had gone away for a weekend with a friend and when I got home I was exhausted so I got cleaned up and ready for bed. So I was already half asleep when he laid down next to me and started to have some late night pillow talk with me. He started by saying he loved me and so I said I loved him back. And we always played this little game were we would say "no I love you more" so after going back and forth for a minute he started to explain that he really loved me, he cared for me, and wanted to spend his life with me. I of course did'nt think much of this because we were lying in bed so I thought he was just trying to butter me up or something. I had my back turned to him and he started again with the "I love you more" thing and I said "thats impossible because I love you more." He replied, "well I love you more, wanna know why?" and he put the ring box in front of my face. I don't think I've ever jumped outta bed so fast! I yelled "are you serious? Is this for real?" And he asked me to marry him:) One of the best days of my life. The picture does'nt do it justice. It has a antque/vintage feel. I love my ring!

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Our story is quite a story. Jhon and I met for the first time in August 2007 going to a Linkin Park concert, at the time I was dating someone else so we didn't really give each other any thought. About 2 months later after I had parted ways with my ex, we came in contact and started talking. At the time he had a busy schedule with work & his passion for gaming, traveling and having to practice all the time left him no time for me. So about two weeks into dating I called it quits. Off and on for about 2 years we saw each other here and there, exchanged quick hello's and that was that. In August of 2009 I was working one night a received the strangest text from an unknown number asking how I was doing. Wondering who on earth it was, I was replied with a picture from the neck to the waist. I of course found this frustrating and not funny. Then received a picture of him waist down (dressed ladies!). After threatening not to answer any longer, he finally gave me the biggest hint of all. He text me, "Do you remember standing outside a game stop for 10 hours waiting for Halo?" Oh did I remember this! Lets just say I'll NEVER do it again. So after finally figuring out who it was we starting texting non-stop that night. He asked to see me and I agreed to meet for coffee the next day after work. Man was I nervous. I showed up in my work uniform with covered in grease (worked at a parts store) trying to look the cutest I could. So we got coffee and started to chat and were inseparable ever since. I laugh now because I later found out he hates coffee. Below is the first picture we ever took together:)