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Hello ladies!! DH and I are approaching our 5th wedding anniversary so I asked my hubby if he wouldn't mind getting some pro pics taken in a garden or something, I think he could see how much it meant to me because he looked at me and didn't even grunt about it lol. Then he suggested maybe going on a road trip to Nova Scotia for a little get away and that we can hire a photographer there to take the pics, Love my baby <3 sooo I’ll be planning away here on PW ….again  =hee hee= YAY, so excited!!! =oD

I am going for and enchanted, Mid-Summer Night Dream meets Brian Froud Feary Rhelme feel for the shoot.

THE STORY LINE: A couple in love takes a stroll threw the garden when they are approached by a fairy who hands them an invitation to the fairy realm...The invitation has a warning in the form of a riddle that basically stats they have only a certain amount of time to get back before becoming trapped the realm forever. She leads the couple to a tiny door and hands them a key and small bottle filled with a colorful magic potion. They drink the contents of the bottle and shrink to fit threw the door. When they enter the new enchanted world they notice a beautiful table full of flowers, moss, candles, glowing crystals, mushrooms, cakes, fruit, an hour glass, bottled glowing magic potions and pixie dust as well as a few fairy's and pixies walking around, relaxing and playing amongst the table scape. The unsuspecting couple sits down to enjoy only to become fatigued from eating and drinking the enchanted foods and potions. They fall asleep only to wake as the last grain of sand falls to the bottom of the hour glass trapping them forever.


What I have so far:


Inspiration photo of The Dress: I redesigned it, but it has a similar feel. Mine will be a pale pink (swatch below. A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me pick the color ;))...I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT IN!!!! =oD

5th wedding anniversary Garden Shoot photo 1

Description of the dress:


Hair /Make-Up: I'm leaving my hair down for the shoot, It's naturally wavy thank God because I'm a spaz at doing my hair. The below pic is pretty much how my hair looks on an everyday basis.. I want to do something special to it though, so Im making a Boho headband with flowers and a pink veil at the back. The headbands below are to show how the band itself will be constructed, I'm attaching a pink to the back and chiffon flowers as well.I'm going to do something very similar to the first photo with my make up as well....

I will be sculpting the cakes on the table and will most likely be making one medium size cake and a bunch of small ones. Jars of pixie dust (irredesant glitter) will be blown around and sprinkled on the food like salt from a shaker.

Below: I found this tarnished silver plated serving/casserole stand at an antique shop. You place the bowl on top and a candle below to keep the food warm...personally I think it will make a great cake stand ;) and it was only $15



Flowers: I am having a similar arrangment as below made, only mine will be in a small antique urn and moss will be hanging from the base of the flowers. Similar to below right. My urn is oval shaped and has claw feet instead of a tall base as well as has rams heads at the top of each handle.

Found this piece (below) at my moms house, I may use this for my flowers...but I'm not sure yet, I may want to find soemthing with more height (like above) for my is pretty though, I love the detail =) also got my key!

More Props: Pixie Dust, Sparklers, Magic Potions, an hour glass, Bubbles, Mushrooms, Real Natural Crystals and a  "Glowing Magic Crystal" in a box and (if I can find a place in Nova Scotia that sells it) Dry Ice for a smokey look.

Potions will be created using old perfume bottles, decanters and bottles with cork stoppers.The bottles will be filled with vodka (so it wont freeze when I add the dry ice) and food coloring, some will have LED lights under them to make them appear to glow and some will have dry ice to make them smoke.

A "magic crystal" aka pyramid shaped glass paperweight, will be placed in a wooden cigar box with a satin pillow or a bed of moss for the crystal to sit on. The "magic crystal" will appear to be glowing. Again  using tiny LED lights from underneith.

Sparklers I'm going to see if i can have someone run around us with sparklers, using a slow shutter speed should cerate a trailing it will appear as if a fairy is flying around us...hope i can find someone to help use out with this one.


Some props I have collected for the shoot so far:

A lantern to hold that will have a candle inside(inspiration photo next to it)(Free, borrowed from mom =), My Hour Glass (HomeGoods $20) A druzy ring my gave to me a present a couple of years ago  that I think is perfect for this shoot and "Enchanted Crystal (aka, paper weight with LED light under to make it glow...I had a blue light laying around, so I used that to show the effect, I will probably use a white light though...or maybe purple humm =)


Over the weekend I collect a few more items for my shoot including a piece of rotted out tree bark...(I've been finding these in my forest hikes, the shell of fallen rotted trees, they will be great for my fairys to sit on and pop there heads out of), this strange piece of blown glass siliconed to a what appears to be an empty jar of baby food ...not quite sure what I'll be doing with it yet, but for only $1, i'll figure something out (maybe a thrown for a fairy queen?? hummm, only time will tell. I also collected a couple of jars for my potions (more to come) as well as started sculpting one of my figures (See below)


Meet Fizzle =)  (hes an elf) I'll be swapping out photos of his progression regularly, so if your interested in watching him come to life, step by step, check back often ;)




More Props

Fairys, Pixies and Strang Enchanted Creatures: I will be sculpting a few fairy’s, pixies and creatures to walk, sit and relax around the table, I plan on sculpting one to appear as if it is flying so that I can take a photo pinching the wings "mid flight". My inspiration will come from both The very talented Brian Froud (drawings below) as well as Michelle Bradshaw aka  PixiWillow, a very talented artist ( sculptures below)



Invitation: Here is the design I create for the top of the invitation. I am going to have a rubber stamp made of it, and then emboss it onto a piece of wood/ birch bark.

The Wording for my invite: Please take a second to pause when you see a comma ;)


In the twilight's eve of crescent moon, once every thousand years

A doorway veiled from mortal site, enchantfully appears

One might be inclined to think it, an illusion or a  dream

But it’s as real as real can be, when this unseen sight is seen

An invitation has been sent, for the sweetest fairy feast

And you my two are pure of heart, your love will never cease

For this reason you my two, the true, and pure of heart

Have been chosen as our guests, but you must play your part

I will lead you to a door, you may think impossible to pass

A simple key and special drink, will take you down in mass

But be warned, for our realm, does not abide your world’s rules

Tricksters play a wicked game, and may play you for fools

Heed my words, I say this once, do not trust all you see

Your mortal weakness, your undoing, is curiosity

You have one hour, one alone, and not a sand grain more

To make your way back, to your world, before one thousand seals the door


Skeleton Key and Tiny Door: I plan on making a scaled down small door "picture frame" , when the door is open, it will have a photo of either a garden or forest...making it appear as if there is another world behind the door...the door will be leaned up on some type of rustic wall or a tree)... I recently found a photo of a  similar concept, however, the photo below is just a frame, mine will look like a real door. The door will be constructed out of a piece of salvaged wood or bark from a tree and will have an antique door plate ontop (something like the photo below), making the door look like an actual old enchanted door. 




Jewelry: My necklace will either be a crystal or crescent moon and I have a peach Druzy Ring (no photo yet)



 A Pretty Parasol:

DHs Look: Just a nice pair of grey slacks and collar button down shirt with a cool tie ...defiantly one of the 2 ties below...leaning towards the unicorn I think




The Location: Lavender Walk Nova Scotia <3


Photoshoot Checklist:

Color pallet


   *DIY Dress Design

   *Order Dress







   *DIY Headpiece

         Things to make Headpiece:


                 *DIY Chiffon Flowers

                 *Pink Veil

Physical Headpiece Finished

DH Outfit

DH Tie



Hour Glass



Things for Centerpiece:


   *Flower Container


Things to Make Glowing Enchanted Crystal:

   *Glass "Crystal" Paperweight

   *LED Light

   *Cigar Box

   *Hardware to Embellish Box

   *Moss or Pillow for "Crystal" to sit on

Things to Make Invitation:

   *Invitation Logo

   *Invitation Wording

   *Birch Sticks

   *Fabric or Fine Paper

   *Moss Green Flocking or Embossing Powder (if embossing Rubber stamp)

Physical Invitation Completed


Candle Sticks

Cake Stand for Med Large Cake

Cake Stands for Small Cakes

Plating for Mini Cakes

DIY Cake (Med-Large)

DIY Small Cakes (3 of them)

   *Small Cake 1

   *Small Cake 2

   *Small Cake 3

DIY Personal size Mini Cakes (2 of them)

   *Mini Cake 1

   *Mini Cake 2

DIY Clay Mushrooms / Flowers for cakes

DIY Mushroom/Moss Bouquet

DIY Fairys (5-6 of them):

   *Fairy 1

   *Fairy 2

   *Fairy 3

   *Fairy 4

   *Fairy 5

   *Fairy 6

Ingrediants to make Potions:



   *Food Coloring

   *Dry Ice

   *LED Lights

Things to make Pixie Dust Bottles:

   *Irredesant Glitter

   *Tiny Bottle

Things to make Enchanted Tiny Door:

   *Distressed Wood

   *Vintage Door Plate

   * Cabnet Door Knob

   *Skeleton Key


   *Photo of "Enchanted" forest/garden








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About the Dress:

By Designer Nicole Miller
Antique White lace with tonal underlay
All over tonal beading
Sweetheart neckline; seamed bust
Spaghetti straps
Fitted Bodice
Full skirt with an asymmetric hem
45% rayon, 30% cotton, 25% nylon
Retail Value $1,180
Dress is new with tags

My price, because i need to recoop some of my loses $500

Size Chart
Bust: 34
Waist: 26 1/2
Hip: 3The dress has had 2 VERY MINOR alterations.

The straps have been shortened slightly, however though a small piece was cut, most of the shortened length was simply sewn under the lining. If the straps needed to be made longer again it shouldn't be a problem.

Also there was a bustle added to prevent the small train from dragging on the floor. I have a very good tailor and the bustle turned out beautifully. A great addition to the dress, especially if you plan on dancing. Other then that this dress is New.

The model is pulling on the dress a bit so I added the photo’s of it on the manikin, to show you how it falls.

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Alex and Alanna aka "The Menkins"
Me and my Baby photo 1

How We Met:
Its 11pm, I'm sleeping, it's pouring rain, when I receive a phone call from a good friend.
(Friend)Alanna, are you awake?
(Me)I am now.
(Friend)Listen I know it's late, I'm sorry for waking you, but I need your help.
(Me)Sure, Whats the matter?
(Friend)Nothings the matter, but you remember that guy I was telling you about?
(Friend)Well we made plans to go out tonight, I know you’re far, but I have no one to go with around here, and I just found out he's bringing friends. Please please PLEASE come out with me. I need you to distract his friends so I can get to know this guy better.
So despite the rain, the time and the distance (45 mins) I rolled out of bed, jumped in the shower, threw something on and headed on my way. Who knew that would be the night I would meet the man with which I would spend the rest of my life. Ironically he had the same job as me. The 2 of us, employed by our best friends to "take one for the team". 5 years and 1, very special ring later, we're getting married =o) 
How He Proposed
Well apparently I was the only one left in the dark about this. He asked my father for my hand about 2 months before popping the question. It must have been hell for my parents to keep it a secret. After he asked my father for my hand he began looking for the ring. He ended up buying the stone (and might I add, WHAT A STONE!) and had the setting custom made (he designed it, It's perfect, beautiful). He told me he wanted me to have something special and unique, like me =sniff sniff= =}. So anyway back to the proposal. He arranged for us to spend the weekend at Camelback Mountain. A mini get away and snowboarding trip for just the two of us. Well he had no idea when to propose or how he was going to do it. The perfect moment arrived when we were just finishing up one of the runs...somehow I lost speed on a very flat spot and got stuck. Well I thought it would be a good idea to hop over to the chain link fence and pull myself the rest of the way, in a crazy attempt to try and pick up speed again. So I'm pulling and pulling, when all of a sudden the fence caves in. So now picture me, my board tilted on its side, I'm hanging onto the fence for dear life, I can't stop laughing and screaming for help. The whole time my boyfriend was sitting on the snow waiting for me and laughing at this, straight out of comedy, movie scene...only me lol (I was in no real danger). He screams at me to hop over, so I break free from the fence and hop to him. I plop down on the snow next to him, we're both hysterical laughing and he reaches into his jacket, pulls out the ring asks for my hand in marriage.... I was so in shock. Needless to say I said least 20 times, it was as if I forgot the rest of my vocabulary, then I cried a little, tackled him and kissed him, after witch he asked me if I wanted to put the ring on lol and he slipped it onto my finger. I was a nervous wreck snowboarding with that rock on my hand for the rest of the day....but what a day =o) 02/01/2007 and that’s our story. 
Me and my Baby photo 4 
Photos don’t do it justice…
Me and my Baby photo 5 
Me and my Baby photo 3

 About Us
What can I say we're big dorks =). We love to have fun, and we don't care whose watching. I'm an artist; I graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC.

I sell my work in galleries, to collectors and art buffs alike.

My FI is a network administrator. He works with computers and hes very handy =) 

Color Scheme
Me and my Baby photo 6
Me and my Baby photo 7 Me and my Baby photo 8  
Me and my Baby photo 9

The invitations were one of my many DIY projects.
I wanted something different, something truly unique and since I'm having a beach wedding, this is what I came up with.

We Did It!! =oD
Well we are back from the most magical amazing wedding ever!! Things happened on this trip that I never thought possible. I can honestly say that this wedding brought everyone closer then they have ever been. I couldn't have asked for a better day...strike that, a better week =) Some Photos

 Me and my Baby photo 11 

Me and my Baby photo 12   

Me and my Baby photo 15 Me and my Baby photo 16 

Me and my Baby photo 17 Me and my Baby photo 18


It rained in the afternoon and cleared up just before the ceremony reveling this beautiful rainbow, that ends on our hotel room. 2blessings from above =)

 Me and my Baby photo 20


Me and my Baby photo 22 Me and my Baby photo 23   

Me and my Baby photo 24 

Me and my Baby photo 13Me and my Baby photo 14



 Me and my Baby photo 31  

Me and my Baby photo 35

My parents making a speech =)


Me and my Baby photo 32Me and my Baby photo 33



My DIY GuestbookInstead of a 'book" I made these tags. Each one was dyed with coffee, once dry I hand embossed each one and adorned them with a small shell. I figured they would be easier to pack for a DW. I plan on scrap booking them into a book with photos and drawings and other things.


Me and my Baby photo 44Me and my Baby photo 45

 Me and my Baby photo 52

Me and my Baby photo 42Me and my Baby photo 41

Me and my Baby photo 47

Me and my Baby photo 43

Jamaican Flag Yamakas/b>To all my Jews CHALLA!! We had these Jamacian Flag colored yamakas made by a local woman for the ceremony.
They added a funky fun feeling,

Me and my Baby photo 51 

Me and my Baby photo 46

The dress was A frame, but I had it altered so that the front was more streamlined and slim.

The back was pulled back to create a small bustled train. We attached a broach to give the dress a more finished look as well as add a bit of detail. I wanted a simple dress in Dupioni silk and I got it. This was perfect for my laid back beach wedding.s
About Us
Free STLWed Bio Builder

 Me and my Baby photo 57

For help with your own bio try:
For help with Signatures go to: