Jun 01, 2013

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I am a diehard outdoorsy person. Riding, relaxing, camping, lake trips ect...

Fiance is a selective outdoorsy person (no beach, no desert, basically a woodsy fellow) He limits his outdoor exposure to shooting, hunting, quads and those sorts of things.

His parents own a ranch a few hours north of us that we love spending time at doing these sorts of things, as well as spending time with his loud hilarious family.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted an outdoor wedding, other then being insainely beautiful settings, it is where I feel most at peace.

So why not use this space that is already so near and dear to our hearts?

So far we are not sure where on the property we would like to hold le fete.

1. Barn:  There is an actual converted barn just for these types of events. Isn't that a very popular trend happening latly? Rustic chic weddings?

Well I spend my days in barns at work, as well as after work, AND have been in them since age 10. Also I think people will be expeting us to get married in a barn, and my rebellious bone aches about that!

In all honestly when I imagine getting married I think of a much more...elegant shal I say? Event. When I think of barns I think manure, dust, hay in your boobs, and constant tasks that are incomplete. Not exactly what I am looking for in a wedding location.

2Backyard:  There is the main house's backyard wich is large and gorgeous. This is a real possibility. It is pretty flat and faces outwards to a beautiful view of the rolling hills of the property and the landscape below.

My one worry is depending on how many people we end up inviting, I worry about the traffic that will be going in and out of the house to use bathrooms. But with signs and keeping the festivities outside, no one will linger inside too much and the guests will stay out were there is more room.

A positive of this location would be that if we have someone to watch the kiddos and provide entertainment for them, it could happen in the downstairs part of the house where there is an enormous tv for movies, and bedrooms where the little ones could get put down to sleep when the sandman comes and have someone nearby to watch them.

3. Under a Tree:  I have this picture of getting married under a huge beautiful oak tree which are plentiful up there. If we find one near one of the wrangler/guest houses we could be married under it and still be close enough to bathrooms. 

As far as reception we could either do a tent up there or transport guests back down to the house and do it in the backyard. A closer one my be near the house that would be within walking distance to have a reception in the backyard.

I just start drooling everytime I think of a beautiful Oak with twinkle lights cascading down...Sigh

So clearly this is the option im trying to make happen.

Where Its Going Down photo 1

The house from the backyard

Where Its Going Down photo 2

Where Its Going Down photo 3

Pro photos from the sale



If anyone has any ideas or has had a similar location and some advice let me know!


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We met in a very, very tiny private highschool I attended for the last 2 years of highschool (we're talking 70 people). Getting to know eachother was obviously unavoidable, but we hit it off right away, becomeing inseperable. We started having shushi dates and the rest was history. He fit into my family and I into his. I feel very fortunate that we complement eachother so well and everyday together is so fun. I know this is nauseatingly cliche but it is the truth. 

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