Oct 20, 2012

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So I decided on a wedding dress after what felt like endless hours trying on dresses. She is a Maggie Sottero and it's called "Decadance". It is everything that I ever wanted in a dress: it's a ballgown with a train, it has pick-ups, there's a lace peek-a-boo, it's tafetta, it has the sweetheart neckline that I wanted with the dropped waist. It's also a corset so that made feel a little better so that you can adjust it to your liking...zippers always made me a little nervous after that final fitting. I am getting it in Diamond White-so it'll be a lighter shade of ivory. I love it!! I can't wait till it comes in in September!

I Said Yes to the Dress photo 1

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Our Love Story photo 1

Jeff and I met in October of 2010. We both found it odd how on our first date we both just instantly "clicked". I'm typically a shy person and it takes me a while to warm up around people,  but with Jeff it was an almost automatic feeling of being able to be myself. After about 6 months of dating, we decided to take the next step and move in together. It just made sense since we were practically already living with each other already. Being with Jeff is amazing, because everyday I get to come home and be with my best friend!

Leading up to our 1 year anniversary, Jeff and I started talking a lot about our future and had serious talks about marriage. Jeff had even stated one time while we were attending a friend's wedding, "Maybe I've already brought the ring and I'm just waiting for the right moment". So once we hit our 1 year anniversary I was pretty sure that we would be getting engaged soon. We actually were taking a road trip to visit some friends when the engagement talk came up. I had made the comment of something like, "Well I'd imagine we'd be getting engaged soon". Jeff looked at me and started laughing and was like "What?! I'm not ready to get married-we have so much we need to do before that can happen.It'll be at least 5 years before I'm ready to get married." I felt crushed and also embarrassed because he had made all these not so subtle hints that a proposal was coming. I accepted it though and moved on from the thought. Jeff though would continue to tease me every time we saw an ad for weddings or engagement rings.

Around Thanksgiving of 2011, Jeff and I took a week long vacation to Florida. On November 21st, we decided to spend the day at the beach. Jeff had apparently done his research and drove us an hour away from our resort to Sand Key beach because it was voted one of the most romantic beaches in Florida. I should have known something was up, because Jeff refused to go boogey board with me and never wanted to go too far away from our beach towels and bags. All day he kept talking about how he wanted to take a walk to the pier during sunset. So the time finally came and we starting making our walk up. It was sweet because Jeff kept trying to be romantic and all I could do was hunt for seashells. We get to the pier and Jeff is still trying to be lovey dovey and I'm not paying too much attention to it. We decide to walk back and I feel a tug at my hand. I turn around to see Jeff on one knee holding a little black box.

My instant reaction was that he was playing a really mean prank on me! When he opened the box and showed me the ring I became estatic! I couldn't believe this was coming true! He said he had to tell me he wasn't thinking about marriage for a while to throw me off track so I wouldn't suspect anything and his proposal would be a surprise. He definitely accomplished that! A photographer approached us and told us he caught the proposal and offered to take some pictures. After an hour, I started thinking..."Ok, this guy can leave now". I told Jeff it was super nice of that guy to offer his time to us like that. Turns out that Jeff had hired the photographer a month ago and had the whole thing set up to be a surprise. It meant so much to know how much thought and effort he put into his proposal.

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Wedding Dress Hanger photo 1

This was my birthday present from my mom that I received in the mail yesterday. I believe she ordered it from HappilyHitched on Etsy. I.LOVE.IT! I am so excited to hang my dress from it and get lots of beautiful pictures. I'm sure it'll still be put to use even after the wedding as well.

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So I knew shopping for bridesmaids dresses with my 5 girls was going to be a challenge. My girls vary is size from a 0 to 8 months pregnant! I always wanted the style of the dress to be more form fitted and a little sexy, but at the same time did not want any of my girls to feel uncomfortable. Our first and only stop was at David's Bridal. 2 of my bridesmaids were 7 and 8 months pregnant at the time, so they came along to get some ideas. My other 3 BMs tried on close to 10 different styles of dresses. We all voted that the dress we picked out looked the best on everyone, and made my pregnant BMs feel a little relieved that there was a ruffle along the waist to help hide a little tummy. It's definitely not easy ordering a dress when you're pregnant for an event that you will no longer be pregnant for. Our consultant suggested my expecting BMs to order a dress 2 sizes larger than they were before they were pregnant, so it doesn't put a lot of pressure on them to lose the all the baby weight before the big day. They both have plenty of time though, one had her baby at the end of April and the other just last week and the wedding isn't until October. They were absolutely beautiful pregnant and I know they will beautiful at the wedding. I LOVE the color of the dress! I know purple has been extremely popular lately, and I can see why. I think it'll be gorgeous especially for a fall wedding.

While we were at David's, we saw a pair of Vera Wang black sparkly platform peep toes that were adorable!! They were $80 though, and back ordered :( No bueno! We decided we would keep our eye out for any sparkly black shoes. We were in luck! I found a pair at JCP that were perfect and were only $25! All the girls said they loved them, so we went ahead and ordered them. I'm actually thinking about getting a pair for myself! They are 5'' heels though, and I know some of my girls are not used to wearing something that tall. Everyone is being extremely accomodating though, and I really appreciate them for that. I am definitely going to be getting them some black sparkly flats to change into for the reception. That will be another DIY project that I will be posting in the future.


Bridesmaid s Dress photo 1

This is one of my bridesmaids modeling her dress and shoes for me at work. She didn't want me to take a picture of her face because she didn't have her make-up done :-p She was so excited to try it on-I'm glad she loves it as much as I do!

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I went to about 3 different bridal stores in search for my dress. The very first dress I tried on I almost  thought it was the one! It had that vintage romantic look I wanted and was still a ballgown. I'm a little disappointed that so many girls are opting for the more "fit and flare" style of dress. While I absolutely love the style, any evening gown can be that style. How many times does a girl get the opportunity in her life to go full out? I knew right away I wanted to go big and dramatic. I loved the first dress, however, when looking back on the photos of it after leaving the store I wasn't excited about it anymore. It just looked too plain in pictures and didn't pop. Plus it was also a zipper back, which always makes a girl nervous come final fitting time since there will be no give. I have been trying soo hard to watch my weight and work out, but I still feel a little comforted knowing with a corset back knowing that I still have a little give and take. 


Wedding Dress Shopping photo 1

The first and "almost" dress. I decided it made my hips look huge and it was just a little too much tulle for my liking.

Wedding Dress Shopping photo 2

This was pretty, but the bottom was too plain

Wedding Dress Shopping photo 3

Can you tell this was a forced smile? I hated everything about this dress! On the same day we went to David's Bridal and had absolutely no luck at all. They did not have anything that I was looking for.

Wedding Dress Shopping photo 4

This was a Vera Wang...the saleswoman insisted I try it on. The bow is absolutely ridiculous! While this is a beautiful dress...it just wasn't me.

Wedding Dress Shopping photo 5

Another Vera Wang...By this point I was completely done wedding dress shopping for the day. I was being suffocated by tulle!

I felt disappointed for not being successful in my hunt for a dress, but I'm glad I didn't just settle and go with a dress that I wasn't 100% in love with either.