Oct 20, 2012

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I always laugh when I call the Save the Dates, STD's. I guess that's my immaturity coming out. It took my FI and a while to finally come up with a STD that we both liked. We knew right away that we wanted them to be a magnet of a pretty descent size. We just needed a photo and a design. We decided to get some professional engagement pictures done. We are using R.E.M. for both our photography and videography. We have been absolutely blown away with their work! We were getting our pictures taken in February, and if you're at all with familiar with Chicago winters then you know outdoor photos weren't an option. Our photographer made the suggestion of going to Union Station and the FI and I LOVED the idea.

Once we got our photos back we decided on a picture to use for the STD. We searched around different websites looking at magnet designs. We came across Magnetstreet.com and played around with a few different designs. We finally came to an agreement and went with the "Forever Love" template and changed the colors a bit to go with our photo. They were reasonably priced and came in less than a week of ordering. We have gotten nothing but compliments on them!

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Hello my fellow PW ladies! I never really thought I would get into this whole wedding blog thing, but I have ended up becoming completely obsessed with it. This website has been such a huge help for me with coming up with ideas and projects. I have really enjoyed reading other's bios and seeing the results of their beauiful weddings! Everyone has been so supportive and helpful! My plan is to keep my bio as updated as possible with my wedding planning. Please feel free to ask me any questions about anything.


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