Jul 25, 2009

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For less than $5 total, I'm very happy with how my veil has turned out. If you are thinking of making your own veil, I hope these instructions help!

1. I bought 54" ivory tulle at Hobby Lobby - I bought 3 yds but you'd only need 2 for this length veil

2. I folded the veil over lengthwise (so it was 27" across instead of 54")

3. In the unfolded bottom corner of the tulle I rounded off the edges by drawing a curve w/ a sharpie.

4. I cut along the drawn curve just inside the marker line so I wouldn't have any black edges.

5. I cut straight across what would be the top of the veil at the length I thought I would need.

6. I unfolded the fabric and loosely ran thread through the top of the tulle about 1 cm from the top edge. As I went, I tightened the thread and gathered the tulle.

7. When I had sewn across the top, I tied off the thread and then sewed the tulle too a small (2.5 inches probably) hair clip.

Voila! A veil!

The DIY Veil photo 2

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Dan proposed April 26th, 2008 in the beautiful law quad on the University of Michigan's campus on a trip back to my alma mater, after I graduated and moved to where he was finishing school a few months prior.

The engagement photo 1

The engagement pictures.

We finally got a chance to take our engagement pictures in January of 2009. We decided to have our photographer, Ben, come to Madison, WI, where we currently live to capture the beauty of the winter. We plan on incorporating the pictures into table numbers and possibly into a guestbook.

The engagement photo 2The engagement photo 3The engagement photo 4The engagement photo 5The engagement photo 6The engagement photo 7The engagement photo 8

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So far all I have is my semi-DIY garter, but it's a start.

FI is a HUGE Cubs fan, so I bought a pair of Cubs earrings ($6 at and detached them from the earring posts and detached them to a simple garter set from Hobby Lobby (50% off - $6).

            The day of ensemble photo 1

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While we've had the rings for a while (my engagement ring has been here since April 26th :) ) I finally figured out how to take pictures of them! (After learning some helpful tips from jackieg!)

The rings photo 1            The rings photo 2

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Here is the ensemble for my girls:

The maids photo 1The maids photo 2The maids photo 3

(they'll hold dark red bouquets similar to this but a bit darker)

I'm still working on jewelry, but I'm thinking maybe pearls? If you have any ideas, let me know!

I also think a sash or brooch to set my MOH apart might be nice, but I'm not sure what route to take there... hmmm...


My junior bridesmaid (my 12 year old sister) will be wearing this cream and gold dress with metallic ballet flats.

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Although I didn't want to get shoes for the wedding too far in advance, I found the perfect pair WAY on sale, and only one left - and in my size! I couldn't resist!

The shoes photo 1     The shoes photo 2