Apr 26, 2013

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So, after nearly 6 years together my wonderful, gorgeous boyfriend popped the question on 23rd December 2011. The proposal happened with me opening a present early only to find the most gorgeous, blingtastic ring! I wasn't expecting it all and looking back, now I realise just how nervous he was! I think I stopped breathing for about 30 minutes but finally mustered up the all important "yes"!!! We have known each other since we were at preschool, then through to middle school and secondary school. Pete was always quite nasty to me in the way of sarcastic comments, he also made quite clear his disapproval of the boyband Hanson. But in 1999 my mother relocated taking me with her, and I left those memories behind. until fate stepped in. With hundreds of miles separating us and years since we last spoke, for no reason at all I had decided to look up some old school friends on the web. I searched for pete and found him straight away. His profile was still pending approval because only 5 minutes prior to me looking him up, he had created it. From then on, everything just seemed destined to be. Despite the distance, it was so easy loving him and easier fighting for that love. We now live together and have so for the past 5 years. People say I can't imagine my life without this or that person... I can imagine it, but i dont want to, and know that I wouldnt be the person I am without him. I need him in my life, to love everyday. Love is so selfish. But i wouldn't change a single thing. I am so excited about the wedding, I haven't planned a thing yet, and really struggle to make decisions. I'm also queen of procrastination, so getting anything organised will be nothing short of a miracle!!! I'm getting some great inspiration from all of the amazing weddings on this site. I hope one day someone can click on mine and be inspired by what they see.