Apr 20, 2013

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I was hanging out with two friends, sitting along the Mississippi River and being bored. She then remember that she had run into a friend and was supposed to call and hang out. He invited us over to his house, where I met his handsome roommate, Nick.  He told me how he was going to a Dave Matthews Band concert in a few weeks, and I told him that I was not a fan (that has since changed, go see them live!).  Other than that, we had a good repetoire and seem to hit it off.  He added me as a friend on Myspace and we communicate via that for a few weeks before we could see each other again.  Long story short, we dated for four months then broke up. I was in no place to be in a serious relationship, I was 20 and still figuring out a lot of things in my life. We remained good friends, and were there for each other when one of us (mostly me) dated people who were wrong for us.  Eventually, we realized that we were perfect for each other and spent 4 years together before he finally proposed on December 16, 2011.  He's my best friend. We have two beautiful Boston Terriers together, Carter and Scarlet - he had Carter when I met him, and we welcomed Scarlet to our family in 2010.  Carter got to see the ring before Daddy proposed just so he had Carter's approval.