Jan 03, 2012

Envelopper Inc
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
I'm sorry but contrary to the the majority of the reviews i have to say i have never been treated so kindly and with such patience. Most people that recommend companies to me had envelopperinc in their top 3 and spoke nothing but positively about it. I don't know if it's a certain employee treating everyone poorly but my experience and the experience of my peers was nothing short of great. May i just add who can compare to their prices! Their prices are fantastic. I think this is the best vendor dollar for dollar. The quality and sheer beauty of their products are just unbeilable. Although they won't bend over backwards for you they are still quite flexible and will do a lot to do business with you. I loved their boxes, cards, just everything. If you want amazing quality for a more amazing price. Seriously check these guys out. As far as custom service, i didn't have a problem with them but if you do then you do. I'd just pull through it because i got so many compliments on my invitations. Also, i'm the groom and i offered to take care of this myself. My wife was so happy that people loved the invitations. Anyone that can make her happy for me and keep my out of trouble has my vote. : )
Services used: Invitations