Sep 08, 2012

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Hi, so I'm the lucky bride :) my name is Pam and my FI names is Lee... Long story short my love and I met through a friend a few months after I moved to CT in 2007 and have been together for 3 years and have a beautiful (and very active lol) 2yr old (Logan)... unfortunately I got laid off my job last year and it's been very hard finding another one since now I have my son's therapies and dr's appts (just found out he might be autistic, we are in the process of getting him tested) and my FI as much as he works he still has to pay bills first and think wedding second... so we are trying to do something very unexpensive wich is kind of a challenge since we come from such big families but we are still trying lol... 

Our wedding theme is Romantic Country with a latin flavor (he's a wood chopping, camping and woods country boy and I'm from Mexico lol) so our colors are green,light yellow, Ivory and some brown... 

I'm not gonna lie to you we need everything we can get for as cheap (or free :P) as possible since we are working with one income... and any help would be greatly appreciated :)