Apr 18, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
this review is for the spa and resort @ chaminade. my generous bridesmaids spoiled me with a getaway bachelorette weekend and one of the things we did was come to chaminade for spa treatments. the resort is lovely, really sprawled out, hidden away in the hills, natural and serene with beautiful views. my bms treated me to a body wrap. there are two kinds, i had the green tea one. it was fabulous. for 90 minutes, your entire body and face is exfoliated, moisturized, massaged and pampered. they had massages which i think they all enjoyed. afterwards, you can hang out at the private spa patio with a jacuzzi, koi pond and beautiful views. we sat there for a while to take in the scenery. only complaint would be that it's kind of small, only two lounge chairs available. there are also many other things you have access to if you get spa treatments like the fitness center, pool, hiking trails, etc but unfortunately we didn't take advantage of any of those things. thinking back, i wish we would have to get the most for our money. the locker room is very nice & clean with showers and a steam room. and the staff was very friendly. note that they include gratuity in the cost so anything you want to give on top of that is up to you. we also stayed overnight in their hotel which was very nice. we had a double room on the top floor. the beds were so comfy! the next day, we had champagne brunch at their sunset restaurant. there was everything from breakfast foods (pancakes, belgian waffles, eggs benedict) to prime rib and a salad bar. to be honest, the food wasn't the absolute best. the pancakes were completely dried out and the bacon was burnt to a crisp; but they did have a great dessert bar with a chocolate fountain and tons of stuff to dip in it! overall, a great experience!
Services used: Wedding Venue

Haute Bride
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
i bought the coveted b628 bracelet here. i absolutely love it and can't wait to wear it! i actually bought it online. i corresponded with lindsie from the sf salon via e-mail and she was great. customer service was amazing. very prompt, helpful, honest, and friendly. i can't remember exactly how many days it was but i received the bracelet surprisingly quickly. it could have been just a day or two! it didn't fit exactly right because my wrists are pretty thin and when i emailed lindsie about it, she let me know that i could slightly mold the metal part of the bracelet to fit or i could bring it in to get a custom one made with a 10% discount. i ended up making it fit.
Services used: Dress & Attire

AllMadeUpTeam.com | Orange County & Los Angeles County Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
I had a trial done by Angelina because Vivian wasn't available. I feel obliged to write an honest review of my experience because I went through a lot of trouble/money to have a trial with them based on the rave reviews I read on project wedding but my experience was disappointing. I know there are rave reviews of Vivian and I wish I could have had my trial with her in the hopes that it would have been better. Angelina is a very nice person but again my experience with the make up and hair styling was disappointing. $150 for a trial is not cheap. For that price, I feel like they should apply your make up and style your hair exactly as or very similar to what they would do for your wedding day and experiment with different styles if you are not pleased. I wasn't sure if I wanted my hair up or down so I asked if we could try it both ways but she wasn't very agreeable because it was too troublesome and would take up too much time. She curled my hair very quickly and without much care. Even my fiance noticed she rushed through it and didn't bother to smooth out my hair or make sure all the pieces were curled nicely. In the end, she did show me several styles but not completely. Sort of hold up your hair and this is how it looks sort of thing. I did not like any of the styles at all. As for the make up, she applied the foundation with her fingers. She wasn't gentle and her fingernails were long so her nails dug into my skin a couple of times. She applied false lashes and they didn't match. On one eye, the lashes pointed out, more horizontally, while it was higher up on the other eye. The overall make up was ok, it wasn't bad by any means but honestly it didn't look like me. My fiance wasn't happy with it either and he's generally very easy to please. Normally, after getting make up done and paying that much for it, you would want to go out or something so as not to waste a good make up application but I could not wait to get home to wash it off which I think says a lot.
Services used: Beauty & Health