Apr 07, 2012

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   The day is getting closer that I will be married to the man of my dreams, my Prince!  After 9 years of living together, New York has finally passed the bill allowing same-sex couples to wed and have the same rights as any other married couple, Heterosexuals!!!! Angel<A.J.> and I have had the longest engagement I think of anyone I have known!  He asked me to marry him 2 months after we met and gave me an engagement ring that I have worn until we selected our wedding bands and we got another engagement ring that will be part of our wedding set, three rings in total!  I like to do things big!!!  Remember, I am from Texas!!!!

   Our lives have been completely changed ever since we met. We have not spent a night apart except for the three times I went to Texas for a week each!  Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Praise the Lord!  God has been a very big part of my life ever since I was 12. He has been my salvation on many occassions and also lead me to move to New York City and then to Brooklyn, where A.J. and I met!  

   We met in a chat room on-line the first part of April.  We spoke on the phone for several days, then I asked him if he would like to go the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  He agreed, we met for our first date and we have literally been together ever since!  We have never had a real disagreement, never a fight and get along better than I have ever gotten along with anyone, ever!  He understood my problems with my family and excepted my moods because of them. He let's me cry when I hurt.  He puts up with my depression and gives me my space when I need it, I really never need my own time, I prefer to be next to him always!  I love him, as he loves me.

   We live in Brooklyn, New York in a very cute apartment in a beautiful Brownstone right across the street from a beautiful park and we love it here!  We have 5 children<the 4 legged kind>, cats! They are such a source of comfort to me, and a tremendous burden to him!!!!  He hates the cat hair!  I have to agree too, it is everywhere!  We, I, have to vacuum and dust everyday!  Love, love, love the apartment and the cats! We are about 25 minutes to the city by subway and spend a lot of time there.  Most of our friends live in Manhattan and they think coming to Brooklyn is like taking a road trip to the moon!  We don't entertain that often, but we have had several dinner parties and birthday parties.  

 I will close now, I am very excited about our upcoming nuptials and even more excited about all of our guests having a great time and enjoy themselves to the fullest!  I am afterall, a party planner, and if they don't have a good time, I will feel I didn't do my job right! Even though it is our wedding, we are doing some of the cooking,our dearest friend Lina is helping out a lot too with the cooking, as well as her sister, Nancy, whom we also love dearly.  I am doing all the flowers and decorations, along with my dearest friend ever, Lynn. She and I met many years ago working at The Empty Vase in Houston and we have been friends ever since! I can't wait for it all to happen.  If you are coming to the wedding, put on your dancing shoes, because A.J.'s family loves to dance! We can't wait to see you all and A.J. is looking so forward to meeting all my friends from Texas!

   Get ready to PARTY!!!!!!  Until then, always know that we love all of you and know that your presents here will make this day even more special!   

Beauty! Peace! Love!


Scott and A.J.