Dec 20, 2013

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2012 is a Leap Year and old tales report that on Leap Years women could propose to their men. It wasn’t a shameless thing to do and it was permitted exceptionally without causing any scandal. Now times are changed but why not take the lead for once and acting the other way round proposing instead of waiting for the ring to come? I’m sure that most men will be relieved by this innovation; unburden them from anxiety and stress in fearing a rejection from the girl of their dreams.






Infinity Jewellery can help in this with its range of diamond engagement rings or engagement bands that will find a huge following among these strong and independent women ready to take their life in their hands. Obviously an engagement ring has to follow but breaking the ice in browsing at Infinity Jewellery, will give you an idea of what you like and you can address your partner, now safely engaged to you, in choosing something in return.



Now women are on the same economic level as many men and they are starting to buy their own pieces of jewellery. Time is always very spare so the use of Infinity Jewellery will be a great help in making up your mind and buy something that will last forever.


Infinity Jewellery, with its several payment options will be the perfect solution in finding the ultimate engagement rings and following with a pair of wedding bands. Tradition wants that the proposal should be made on the 29th of February, but I think that stretching this to the rest of the 2012 is not wrong either. Infinity Jewellery can deliver in time, just contact the customer service by email to arrange a date and follow the easy instructions to have your perfect ring ready to suit your budget and style. Men are less keen on wearing a ring apart from the wedding one, but a plain band with a tiny diamond will made them feel loved and proud to have a woman as confident as you. And Infinity Jewellery will help you with that.

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"Diamonds are girl’s best friends" was singing Marilyn Monroe in a famous film of the 1950's. She was right, a sparkle on a finger lifts up the mood to no end and if the ring is special, even more. I came across the Infinity Jewellery collection and I was amazed  by the great choice of models. Honestly I would have bought everything because the designs were so trendy but also there was a choice for more classic models. The fact that a certificate of an important Gemological Institute is included with every piece of jewellery, which is very handy for insurance purposes as well, shows that this company knows about diamonds and who is behind it has got a great experience.


Also, it is possible to have a bespoke service, so you can choose the stone, ask to see a design or submit a design and the creative team will work together with the goldsmiths to make the jewel of your dreams. The workshop is based in Hatton Garden that is the jewellery quarter in London where also the Diamond Bourse is and all the major gemstone dealers offices. All the jewellery have the London Assay Office Hallmark that guarantees the quality of the metal used for Infinity Jewellery works. Let me write a wish list you never know.


Infinity Jewellery is a London based jewellery manufacture with over 20 years experience, giving you quality products at reasonable prices is our commitment to you.


How can they offer products at half of the normal high street jewellery price? Well three factors have determined their success, thanks to the incredible growth of the Internet has given them the opportunity to shorten the supply chain and reach new customers directly - eliminating the need for a middle man and enabling them to pass their savings directly on to final customers.


Another reason to their great prices is due to the collaboration whit their sister company which is a diamond wholesale based in Antwerp. The sister company buys large quantities of diamonds which provides Infinity jewellery with a large negotiation power with  suppliers and enables  to achieve the best possible price.


The third factor is the passion that the people at infinity put in creating a wonderful piece of jewellery at amazing price.


Infinity Jewellery take pride in ensuring that your purchases will be of the highest quality and best value for your money.Refined details, recherché aesthetics, fine gems, pure passion: common denominators of a jewel according to infinity jewellery.



A maisons with one philosophy: a love for beauty the challenge for quality. Modernity and tradition recounts the exclusiveness of jewellery created by Infinity. A unique style, sublime design, refined make: the extraordinary on a daily basis.


Practical accessible and above all simple to wear. These are the distinctive traits of infinity jewellery, original fresh and decisive for an everyday wear. Traditional designes re-proposed with a modern look, giving life to daywear jewellery created for a modern and dynamic woman. One fundamental idea is that Infinity aims at communicating directly with the female world, surpassing the traditional convention which dictate that jewellery must be given “only “ by men. Simple lines rounded angles show the Minimal - Deco influence in all the collection created by Infinity jewellery making it attractive and easy to appreciate and most importantly Simple to wear.

Fragments of joyful speech, moments of beauty harbouring paradox and style. With Infinity Jewellery perfection takes on the contours of merriment, the extraordinary and surprise. Kalendoscopic facets of la bella vita that know no bounds. Indulging the Infinity way.


It’s what we do, day after day think that sculpting a jewel is a little like sculpting the soul  of a woman. And this must be done with Infinity amount of tenderness, with your tips to not awaken her from her dreams. Skilful hands are needed for such art, an art passed on in time by tradition of craftsmanship, great passion in what we do. These are the ingredients of that create our jewels this is Infinity Jewellery.






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Infinity Jewellery was born with the concept to offer fine quality jewellery at affordable prices.


Founded in 2005, Infinity Jewellery has achieved the coveted goal of national and international sales thanks to the talent of its craftsmen.


Infinity jewellery has travelled a brilliant journey, establishing itself as a engagement ring and diamond earring specialists, to the point of acquiring a prominent position among companies that share the distinction of high quality jewellery over the internet.


This consolidated company with its diamond buying expertise has succeded in progressively conquering its space on the internet, which has responded by lavishing sales for the quality of the jewels, the fine diamonds and it's customer services.


Infinity is currently focusing on expanding in the foreign markets most receptive to its production style.


Infinity jewellery has among its latest creations a delightful bridal collection in 18ct white gold diamonds and adorning freshwater pearls - “The Sophie” collection inspired by the waves of the Mediterranean sea e perfect example and one of our hot seller is the:


White pearl necklace with three brilliant cut diamonds this beautiful necklace would suit the bride as well as the bridesmaids to match this necklace there are the exquisite earrings : set in 18ct white gold round brilliant diamonds and fresh water pearls, these are just some examples of infinity bridal collections.


This collection will increase the already vast range, for example, the Engagement Collection of solitaire diamond rings adorned with diamond set shoulders, one beautiful example of the solitaire range is definitely the emerald ring this elegant solitaire comes set with a round brilliant diamond set in a four claw setting and you can actually choose your perfect diamond by choosing :carat size ,from a range of 0.20ct to 0.60ct,color and clarity this way its you to decide you own budget thanks to the very simple to use and very informative website.


The Cluster collection and the Eternity rings range are more sought after as not everyone who comes to the infinity site is thinking to get engage a big portion of our public are just people in search of something special for a special occasion like an anniversary, a birthday, a newborn child or simply because feel like saying” you are special” in a different way.


Rings although may be something really personal and people who purchase them have a very clear idea on what to get. When customers are not sure what to buy but want to buy jewellery then the attention falls on: 


The Tennis Bracelet Collection a long time classic which has proven to be a great success! Has just been enriched with new models. The Pendants collection , infinity diamond pendant ranges from simple solitaire set in 18ct white or yellow gold pendants to contemporary diamonds pendants  the diamond cross pendants  and the letter pendants are perfect gifts.

And last by no means least the Earring Collection,this ranges from simple but  elegant diamond  studs set in 18ct white gold with four claws ranging from0.20ct to 1.50ct or if you prefer the exquisite dress earrings with its deco influence has proven its self as one of Infinity Jewellery's best selling collections.


Steady progress in the world of internet sales is proof that with a combination of quality, affordable prices and great customer service Infinity Jewellery has the winning recipe to success.


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Jewelery is an universal form of worship, are considered the oldest parts of the body.


Since prehistoric times jewelry was used for the important distinction of any kind people often died carrying their lifetime. They were worn as a form of protection from the dangers of life or to mark social status.


The jewels were given significant importance in wars, are considered good luck and to ward off evil spirits.


At first they used natural materials such as animal bones, wood, stone, shells, then over time were used precious materials like gold, silver, titanium, etc.


The three basic roles they played jewelry are: ornament, the amulet and a symbol of wealth remained constant to date.


For any woman marriage proposal is one of the most moving moments, such as engagement rings and wedding jewelry are always present. Represented a gift of diamond jewelry is one of the dreams of every woman.


Diamond is "King of Gems" ideal for special jewelry. The word diamond is found in Greek "Adamas", translated by brutal, because of its hardness.


Diamonds are beautiful, mysterious and rare. They survived an incredible journey until they came to us - a journey that began more than 3 million years.


When choosing diamond jewelry rule is: "Enjoy the brilliant" because it offers diamonds shine.


A diamond engagement ring remains a classic choice and full of sophistication to any jewelry lover.

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Diamond Jewellery is a London based jewellery manufacture with over 20 years experience.Giving you quality products at reasonable prices is our commitment to you. How can we offer products at half of the normal high street jewellery price? Well two factors have determined our success, thanks to the incredible growth of the Internet has given us the opportunity to shorten the supply chain and reach our customers directly - eliminating the need for a middle man and enabling us to pass our savings directly on to our customers. Another reason our great prices is due to our collaboration with our sister company which is a diamond wholesale based in Antwerp.

Our sister company buys large quantities of diamonds which provides us with a large negotiation power with our suppliers and enables us to achieve the best possible price for our gems. Infinity Jewellery take pride in ensuring that your purchases will be of the highest quality and best value for your money.