Jun 02, 2012

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Hello to all our friends! If you are on this page, we are so thrilled you found us on the internet. Heaven knows it took us forever to find each other. I must admit if it weren't for the internet and some strong memories that might never have happened..well and a little help from Southwest Airlines.

As many of you know, Bobby and I were the "first" couple at our school to go steady or go together, as we called it back in those days. Those days being the school years of '68-70. But our story goes back further than that! I actually arrived at his elementary school, Spring Valley, in third grade. We were aware of each other by fourth grade, hanging out on the play ground and roller rink by fifth grade and spending every spare social minute together by sixth grade. 

In our day, the social thing to do was roller skating, which I imagine as much as we did, we could still hang with the best of them. I had stricter parents than he so I couldn't go skating both nights of each weekend (usually) but we were there together EVERY friday night for almost two years. We both raced, though he was the only one that actually ever won a race. We also did all the progressive couples dances and backward skate sessions, etc. Bobby is a rule breaker so while I was out on the rink taking lessons to learn jumps and spins, he and a friend were in the restroom powdering their wheels so theirs would "stick" better to the wood floor during races.

After a couple of summers spent bike riding, going to movies, Six Flags almost every week, meeting at the local Dairy Queen to get DQ bars, dances, and a whole lot of swimming, he finally broke up with me :-( I was so mad I wouldn't speak to him for the rest of high school! I can't remember ever even acknowledging him in the hall way. Later on, he was playing sax in the band and I was in the drill team. Needless to say I would strut everything I had (wink) in front of him but never speak to him. He tells me he suffered quietly.

Fast forward ten years to our first high school reunion where we visited constantly, leaving both our spouses a little dismayed, we finally realized there was still something there. We talked on the phone a little afterwards but we were both married and I had children so it was just one of those things where I realized I'd made a mistake but couldn't do anything about it and we moved on.

We talked occassionally over the next thirty years but not often. I at least felt a little security in knowing that no matter what he was doing, he would always stop and take my call. Then one day he didn't. He just told me last year that it was too painfull. However, when our 35th year reunion was coming up, people started to ask me about him and if he was coming so I was determined to track him down by internet which I did only to find out his mother (from whom I took music lessons and adored) had passed and his wife had filed for divorce after twenty something years. I was also getting a divorce so I just filed that info away for a bit.

When the right time came, I had a month of overnights in San Diego and took full advantage of the open access to fly through my employer Southwest Airlines to give him the opportunity to turn me down again. But he didn't! He did stand me up the first week and I remember thinking, "...Oh well, he's been alone so long he probably has 34 women he's trying to keep up with and I won't even stand a chance...". The next week he showed! I remember walking from the hotel gardens up towards the lobby and I could see him in there waiting for me...pacing like crazy. I had to giggle to myself just a little. We haven't been apart since the first meeting in 2010. 

We have shared many tears over how we hurt each other in the past and lots of joy and laughter and both old and new memories. We are like glue. None of the baggage each of us brought to the table has phased the other and no one can come betwen us. We love that about each other.

For those of you that knew us back then, please come and share your old stories with us and for those of you that are newer friends please share in our joy of everlasting love and never giving up hope...we now know we have ALWAYS loved each other.

If you happen to have any photos of us together we would most certainly appreciate your forwarding them to us via email as back in those days we didn't have all the digital cameras we do now. If we did take pictures it was one of us doing the shooting so we can't find any together. Feel free to forward to and I will put them on a slide show for us to all get a great laugh during the reception.

To repeat, please join us. Each and every one of you was selected for a reason and we are prepared to throw you a great celebration party!


Hugs to all,

Cherry and Bob