Jun 23, 2007

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We got married before Lindsey started her business as a wedding photographer; otherwise we would definitely have used her for it. However, I can comment on the family photos she has done for us. She does them every year and has also done sessions including our extended family. We consistently choose Lindsey for the following reasons: 1)Her sessions produce photographs that are real, vivid, dynamic, unforced, and unstaged. I like pretty pictures, but I don't like it when the subjects look caged in the photo. Lindsey manages to take photos that are both beautiful and alive. 2)Lindsey really cares about her subjects and it shows from start to finish. There is something intimate about having family photos taken, and Lindsey is appropriately warm and kind. She genuinely connects with her subjects so that you feel a dear friend or family member is photographing you. She has great instincts with kids and other hard-to-photograph subjects. Her presence as the photographer is unobtrusive, and sooner or later my young kids stop focusing on her and start acting like themselves. This gives us realistic, lifelike snapshots of them that I don't seem to be able to capture on my own. 3) Finally, Lindsey is flexible and accommodating, and wonderful to deal with logistically. I find her to be extraordinarily reasonable in both her rates and her policies.
Services used: Photography