Sep 11, 2008

Hi! I'm the owner of Susie Chhuor Studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco! I believe in empowering brides with their natural beauty! :) I love hair & makeup and loveeee sharing great ideas to help you plan your wedding!
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Hi ladies on Project Wedding!  I have been on PW for some time now trying to answer any questions or comments in the beauty forum :) I know that wedding planning can often time be time consuming and also really stressful. There are also a lot of details that to learn and discover, especially with makeup and hair so I try my best to chime in and help you ladies out. 

I am a makeup artist and hair stylist originally based in Los Angeles with a team of lovely Master and Lead Stylists helping beautify our already gorgeous brides on their wedding date. 

I recently, moved up to the bay to continue pursuing to do what I love the most, hair adn makeup! With that I've fallen in love with San Francisco and really hope to be able to continue working up here! All my brides both down south and in the bay have been so sweet and supportive, so I just wanted to thank everyone who's been there through the ins and outs with me!