Oct 06, 2012

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My name Is Melissa and I am a 28yo mother of three adorable girls. Steven My Fiance is a 27yo father of one of my girls though if you didn't know only one was his you could never tell the difference in the way he acts towards my older girls. We met for the first time when I was 19 and he 18, I and a friend of mine had driven half way across the country so i could meet a guy I had met on line. No this guy was not Steven actually it was his older brother, consequently also the father of my twin 6yo girls....yes I know what your thinking its all kinds of messed up. However when you find that one soul to soul connection that you know will stand up to any test you put it to sometimes you have to do something you would not normally have done in order to obtain it. There are no hard feelings between the brothers, myself and my ex are still good friends and have learned we make better friends than anything else. So last year when Steven proposed it was as natural as breathing for me to say yes... on one condition, he had to have permission from my older girls he wasn't just marrying me he was marring all of us. So he proposed to them as well. It was a very cute situation, and the girls are going to be part of the big day in every way they can including a sand ceremony for all 5 of us.

We are getting married this Oct at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in a replica of the chapel of Canterbury. Our theme is a Pirate and a Princess. Our reception is going to be held at Alpine Park and Gardens near Columbia MO (close to where we live). All of our attendants are going to be in full Ren costume and we are prepared to have the best day of our lives. Our own Happily Ever After....


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