Jul 20, 2008

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I were more than happy with out cantor. She met with us three times before the big day. After the first visit she gave us an assignment to write a letter to our future children on how we would want to be remembered by. For my husband and me it was really neat to read with others afterwards since we decided not to look at each others until we were finished. This will probably be something we show are future children one day. Jan is also just very down to earth and funny. She's super popular and busy, so it was difficult at times to reach her, but she always came through in the end. Like my husband and I she is also aware of our environment and believes in doing our part to save it and take care of it. Now, for the day of the wedding, our guests were raving about her. How she balanced the right amount of seriousness and light heartedness, and how beatiful the service was overall. We were extremely happy with her.
Services used: Officiant

Faces By Terri , Inc
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I ended up being very happy with my hair. I was also very pleased that they came to my hotel where I was married on a Sunday. The prices were very reasonable for all my bridesmaids hair we well. I have to say I was a little disappointed that the girl who did my trial run wasn't the same girl that showed up on my wedding day. Granted that I had set the appointment in January (I wasn't happy with the $80 charge for a trial, and the fact I could only try one hair style) and my wedding was in July, and the girl probably wouldn't have remembered how I wanted my hair done (that's why I saved pictures), I still would have had someone who I knew did my hair that particular way and would have been able to do it again with the picture as a reminder. Well, the new girl did something very different, and at the time I was up-set about it. The show must go on though so I didn't let it bother me long, and now when I look back at my pictures I think it fit my dress very nicely. So in the end end, I was happy. She was also very nice and made my bridemaids hair look very good. She also was even early the day of the wedding, when my bridesmaids were late. She worked well under pressure considering we were running late.
Services used: Beauty & Health

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
It was such an easy decision to choose JUST DESSERTS by Linda. First of all, Linda came to me in the comfort of my husband's mom's home for the tasting. She was very professional and presented each cake in an organized matter. More importantly her cakes are delicious, espeically her vanilla nut cake with a mango filling. She was very flexible in allowing us to have three different types of cakes per layer. It was suggested to us to save money she could make a sheet cake to have in the back for more guests. We were very happy with her reasonable prices. For the day of the wedding, she was flexible and worked with the florist to arrive around the same time so she could decorate the cake with the florists topper flowers. She did a wonderful job. She also made it easy for us after the wedding because ever piece involved in making the cake was disposible. Overall, she was just easy to work with and made a cake to die for! One of my friends who doesn't even like cake, liked the flavor I mentioned above.
Services used: Wedding Cake

Therese Farrow Films
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
First of all, I was so confident in my videographer that I paid for travel and a hotel room for her to drive all the way down from New Jersey to Baltimore for my wedding. Check out her website and you will know what I'm talking about. http://www.tfarrowfilms.com/. I believe she just won an award for best videographer in the Philedelphia area. Now after getting to know her also on my wedding day, she is just an awesome person. She was very professional and knew what she was doing. She is flexbile and also willing to join the afterward at the bar after all the fun. She makes a music video more like rather than one of those boring wedding videos we've all seen. She is worth the money and I'm saying this before I even get my video back from her.
Services used: Unique Services