Sep 01, 2011

( 1.6 / 5.0 )
Horrible service after your wedding is over. Chris the owner does not return phonecalls, he does not call you when anything is ready. He gives you the run around about why your pictures aren't ready or why you haven't gotten your thank you cards yet. He will use every excuse in the book to buy some more time. The funny part is, I have about 5 friends that all used him around the same time, and he give us all the same excuse not realizing we all knew eachother. Its is sad that a company who really does do a great job at the time of your wedding falls to peices when its time to present their paying customers with their products. I am so upset with this company. Brides please be aware! I made the mistake of paying him in full before our wedding, and I think this was my biggest mistake. Once he has your money, he can care less how long it takes to get you all your pictures.
Services used: Photography